“Dinky” Zinke

“Dinky Zinke” a blog post from elsewhere that I likes If you have read anything at all of what I have written in the past, you’ll know a few things about me: I don’t tolerate fools or idiots-and people who desecrate public lands for their own benefit fall into both categories in my estimation. I […]

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Chasing Stolen Horses

This was in my home state practically ‘next door’ to where we live. It seems incredible to most people that someone would steal a horse, but they do-and, in many cases, they get away with it. Why? It doesn’t seem logical at first, but it really is very reasonable when you learn the facts. Horses […]

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Stolen Horses–NR 006512 Little Girl, BFC William F Cody

‼️‼️**$2000.00 REWARD‼️‼️‼️ ‼️UPDATE AS OF 7/24/18‼️ It’s been over 2 months & still no signs of our beloved horses. PLEASE continue to share‼️Little Girl should’ve had her foal by now.“‼️ Cody was stolen on May 10th-11th from Luraville/Live Oak FL. 😡 We still have no clue to where he might be, or who stole him. Please continue […]

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Missing Horse–NR 006507 Cody

Incident Details Incident Date: 3/18/2018 Location: Calwell Idaho (Canyon County), ID, 83612, USA ********* borrowed Cody to ride at a sale barn in Caldwell Idaho where she works. I let her take him with the express understanding that she was not to sell him, just give him back when she was done using him. On […]

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How SHOULD We Feed Our Horses?

Way back in the Dark Ages when I was reading everything I could get my grubby little hands on-and you can bet I knew EXACTLY where in the libraries the horse books were located-it was all pretty much the same thing. Now I will qualify that-it was in the English language and here in the […]

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Locking the Barn Door

Ever heard the saying “that’s like shutting the barn door after the horse is gone”? Lots of truth to that one-unfortunately, there’s also a ton of truth to this observation, “Locks are only to slow down good people.” Now THAT one is gospel truth. People who slap a padlock on a gate or a barn […]

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A Lesson From My Horses

My horses have taught me many things over the years-more than I’m willing to admit sometimes. At times the lessons have been painful-such as learning that all that time I spend learning from books in libraries and then using that education was really torturing my horses. (Oh, yeah-got a long, long list of those things. […]

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Just Stop

Just Stop the Spaying of Wild Mares from Straight from the Horse’s Heart If you want to stop or slow the propogation of the wild horses-castrate the males. It’s safer, easier, and a lot less expensive for everybody. Just who got the hare-brained idea that performing spays on mares was a wonderful idea-I haven’t the foggiest […]

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Trojan Horses

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts the very old saying goes. It dates all the way back to the old tale of Homer’s story of Troy, the beautiful Helen, Paris, Achilles, and the Trojan Horse. It’s a story of men in love (or lust) for a stunningly beautiful woman who is taken off to the city […]

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On Guard!

Everybody tells you to be more careful when you go out shopping during the Holiday season, don’t they? Look under your vehicle. Don’t get into your car if there’s a van parked next to the driver’s door. Check the back floor to see if somebody is hiding back there. Put all your packages in the […]

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