Fake Muslim Extremists in Paris, Violence, and Terrorism

November 13, 2015, there were several coordinated attacks in the middle of Paris, France. Apparently, these were orchestrated by so-called Muslim extremists. I say ‘so-called’ because the Muslim religion itself does not accept such violence as part of the practice of the faith. It denounces the slaughter of innocents as being sin against Allah and unforgivable. That makes these people nothing but terrorists with an Arabic political agenda. They are essentially thugs on a world-wide scale.

The problem with this is-they play their ‘game’ (for lack of a better term) on the fears and phobias of a population who do not and, really, will not stop to learn enough to cope with them effectively. They count on this. They want their victims to be ignorant of them and what they represent. That way the intensity of the fear is magnified out of proportion to the actual numbers they possess. I say that because the reality is-there aren’t that many of them. Oh, there are more than there used to be-and some of that is our own fault. But in absolute numbers? Not that many.

Let’s turn to an interesting question-why do they hate us? My question is-why wouldn’t they hate us? These days I’m not that fond of us either. They have a very valid set of points. We’ve bombed their countries to bits. We’ve killed thousands of innocent family members. We’ve left munitions that are still live out in the countryside. We’ve destroyed their crops and killed their livestock. We’ve destroyed their governments and left them with no viable way of governing themselves. There is no security for their families. And you think they should LIKE US?  Hell, I’d be looking to build an IED myself if I lived there. I don’t see one likable aspect at all about the U. S. A. in all that.

Oh, sure-I know, we’ve paid compensation (sometimes) to families when a family member has been killed. That doesn’t take away the pain. It’s not enough. Especially when you consider that if they take the money, the resurgents will come in and kill and rape the rest of the family. Would you want that money?

Our presence has done nothing but ill since the day we got there. Getting out might cause short term problems, but we do not need to be there. That area of the world is going to have its own set of problems until the people there learn to solve them ON THEIR OWN. It is not something that anyone else can do for them-and, quite frankly, they don’t want or ask for anyone’s help anyway. They resent it.

We have done nothing but create more terrorists since we have been there. Let’s stop that train now-derail it. Leave Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, and Israel to figure things out for themselves. Here, guys, you are big boys and girls. All the super powers are pulling out.  It’s your playground. We’re going solar and wind powered anyway. Bye.