Rewards For My Efforts

Okay-I don’t get a paycheck. So why do I spend hours doing this? (My patient spouse asks from time to time the same question.)

  • I happen to be fascinated by it, I’m more than a bit Obsessive Compulsive, and it hits on my lifelong passion-equines.
  • I was forced into retirement, I have an excellent mind, superb skills, and I despise being bored since I am also ADHD-inattentive variety. (We don’t ‘do’ bored. Give us something to do that we like and we’ll be happy for hours. But bored? We’re dangerous because we’ll find something and it isn’t likely to work out well.)
  • It helps people AND the horses (and sometimes other animals).
  • I learn things (and that keeps me happy, too.)
  • New friends-even if I may never meet them.
  • Unlike a ‘normal’ job, I can pick up and lay this one now at will.
  • No dress code.
  • I can quite literally work anywhere I can get to the internet. I’ve worked at home, at the airport, doctors’ offices, hospital rooms, clinic waiting rooms, at family members’ homes, out of town, hotel rooms, restaurants, etc.
  • Pets are allowed. My Maine coon cat regularly forces computer breaks.
  • Commuting time is nil.
  • Coworkers are great-we’re all online-not a single one in the same city-most of us not in the same state.

The only fly in the ointment is that blasted paycheck thing. There’s always that one thing for every job, isn’t there?

I love my job, but…..;-)