The Way We Think About Equine Reproduction Sucks

It really does when you get down to brass tacks.

Now everybody thinks that “my horse doesn’t have any flaws”. Yeah, well, every cotton-picking six year old girl with My Pretty Pony thinks the same darn way and, if you are still in THAT mode, brothers and sisters, we’ve got a serious problem. I haven’t seen much in the stallion or broodmare catalogs lately to write home about. Conformation flaws abound in every breed-and I’m not going to pick on any particular one because I don’t feel like starting WWIII.

Don’t go getting into that huffy ‘well, if you had a stud or a mare….” thing either. I’ve owned stallions and I currently own five mares. I’ve raised foals-the five mares I raised from foals actually.  Don’t go there. I speak from experience.

Breeders of all stripes-commercial and backyard-need to totally revamp the thought process. You should not put the stallion to the mare unless and until you have somebody committed to raising and caring for the resulting life for the next 25-35 years from beginning to end including breeding, mare care, etc. If we  did so, all of the over breeding and excess  horses would simply cease. There wouldn’t be any. There would not be any horses available to be abused or go to slaughter. Quality would be better because people would think about the matches more. They would care-I would think-for the horses better.

Why are we breeding and breeding and breeding horses when we are simply shipping them out to auctions?