Do I Compete?

If you are talking about do I get dolled up and go in a show ring, the answer is no, I don’t. Went to a few shows when I got my first horse and saw some things I really, really didn’t like. I’m not one (and never have been) to do or be things just to make other people ‘like’ me. So the idea of having to have a brand name saddle, bridle, clothes, trailer, and sell my horse just to get the requisite ‘breed du jour’ set my teeth on edge.

It would be some years before I found my realm to compete in-trail riding-and not in a ring or other contrived environment. This was out on the trail-the judges came out and judged each competitor on the trail and all obstacles were natural. All riders and horses were judged under the same conditions over the same trail. It was heaven. It still is. I became a Lifetime Member of the North American Trail Riders Conference.

I haven’t been able to compete in some time for many reasons, but I’d go back in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. It is the rare combination of being able to ride trails with friends, camp with new friends, challenge myself and my horse over trails I usually haven’t ridden before, and have fun in the process. Oh, yes-and by the way, when I last was able to compete-I was consistently in the top four in my class.  So, heck, yes-competing is fun-once you find the right spot to do it in!