Romance & Horses

This was a sore point between my mom and I. You see-she had this idea that since I was the ‘spitting image of her’ (and I was), that I was going to have the identical interests and goals that she did-i.e. being an author, marrying a pilot, having a big family, being a social success, living in a big house in the city, being a force in her church, etc. She didn’t get it. I kinda was for the family thing, but the rest of it? Pfft! Not if it meant I couldn’t have my horse and I was pretty sure it meant exactly that. So we were at odds from the git-go.

Oh, I tried-I learned to sew, set a correct table, cook, bake, and even learned to walk in heels with a book on my head. I got really good at cross-stitch, crewel, counted cross stitch, and even knitted a bit. But the interest in horses never waned a bit-and if the day was sunny, chances were I was not in the house, but on the horse and gone. My mom had no idea what to do with her eldest daughter.

As I got older and did start dating in college, it became rapidly apparent that horses were going to be the deal breaker. It was very simple on my side-if you wanted me, the horse came, too. There was no negotiating going to be done.

Oh, people told me-you’ll have to sell your horse if you want to get married. One day maybe you can have a horse again after you raise your family. And they’d smile knowingly and nod their heads. Then start shaking their heads when my answer was-no, that was not acceptable. This was a package deal.  If  he wanted me, he could take all of me-and that included my horse.

It would take me until I was 35 to find that person willing to accept my terms-and he did so quite willingly-even learning to ride nearly as well as I do. We have 30 acres in the country, 2 cats, 2 bossy dachshunds and 1 timid mutt. and 7 equines of varying pedigrees. We’ve shared 26 years together. People told me I was being ‘too picky’. I call BS. They settled too soon. I waited for-and got-Mr. Wright.