Backyard Breeders

Before anybody gets their undies in a twist, let me be clear. Yes, I have owned both stallions and mares. Yes, I have done some breeding. Not a lot, but some. I have raised foals-and I have re-trained horses that other people raised in their backyards who turned out to be dangerous hellions. Seriously dangerous. So yes, I do have some very real knowledge to back up my thoughts. Whether or not you agree-totally different thing.

Of the foals born here, only two left. I have always regretted that. One filly I have no idea where she went. I traded her to a friend for a TWH filly that I still own 19 years later. The other one, also a filly, was part of a deal to get my Arabian broodmare. She was given back to the girl who sold me the mare. If I had known she would turn around and sell her, I never would have let her go. She went to a woman who was a known horse hoarder in FL. I have often worried about what happened to that filly. Hoarders are notorious for not being able to feed their horses.

The others? The two colts grew up and died here. I still have their half sisters. I have the daughters of one of the colts. They’ll be fine mares in their own right soon.

Why am I writing about backyard breeders? Because I’m a rarity. I only bred for those who I thought would keep and use the foals for their entire lives. That meant that my stallions didn’t see many outside mares or get much around here.

My rationale? Well, if you go to the sale barns, you’ll see weanlings, yearlings, and 2 year old-REGISTERED horses-not plugs and these are healthy, sane, lovely animals-being sold for $50-150 each because they didn’t sell for the breeders. Gorgeous babies-not a thing in the world wrong with them. They just bred too many of them so they dump them.

You know what happens to them? They go to slaughter. Don’t like reading that? Then don’t be breeding your mare just because you think foals are cute, you like your mare, or your neighbor has a stud colt. I’m serious. Every time you do something like that-you put another horse on a truck.

Comments on WordPress are welcome. I remind the reader that this is my opinion. I’m not trying to persuade anyone-just saying what I think. Do I have a solution? Well, I have a “proposed” solution, but I have no illusions that anyone would take me up on it. I’ll save that one for later.  Enough for now. To quote Scarlett O’hara, “Tomorrow is another day.”



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