My grandpa drove a black pickup-step side with the old style pins and chains on the tail gate to lock it closed, hold it flat, or allow it to drop all the way down. As far as I was concerned, it was a Rolls Royce Silver Phantom. From the time I walked well, I was […]

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Benefits of Microchipping Your Horse

I will just list them. When properly registered, a microchip is the unique and unalterable link to the owner of the animal. That should be self-explanatory. Health records are easier to track for vets-this is critical for pre-purchase or breeding exams. Health certificates can be linked to the chips for shipping, showing, racing, and/or sales. […]

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See that little bitty brown thing? That’s a microchip. They do NOT have the ability to be tracked from outer space. Whoever is spreading that rumor around is wearing a tin foil hat and living in rooms lined in tin foil. The reason is quite simple. In order to transmit a signal up to a […]

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Taking Disaster Precautions

Nobody believes in the word ‘disaster’. It isn’t real. It is that thing that happens to somebody else. It never happens to me. Except it does. Sometimes it is just little disasters-a flat tire when we are in a hurry, a broken pipe when it freezes,  a clogged toilet (particularly when company is there), but […]

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That Feeling…

You know that special feeling that I guess all little girls-and quite a few big ones-dream about having when they walk out in the pasture to see their horses and it seems like the horses can’t seem to get enough of them? Yeah-that one. The one where they actually run to meet you instead of the […]

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