microchipSee that little bitty brown thing? That’s a microchip. They do NOT have the ability to be tracked from outer space. Whoever is spreading that rumor around is wearing a tin foil hat and living in rooms lined in tin foil. The reason is quite simple. In order to transmit a signal up to a satellite, it would have to have a power source. Any power source with enough juice to do that would currently be the size of a small loaf of bread. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anybody implanting a small loaf of bread into anything-especially when you figure you’d have to redo it every 12-24 months. Yikes.

So we have this thing which just sits there and does absolutely NOTHING until a scanner comes along and hits it with a signal asking for the encoded number. Then it responds with the number-and that’s all it does. You can’t change the number. You can’t do anything to make it do anything else. It just sits there.

Why microchip? If all the thing does is give a number, then big hairy whoop, right? Wrong. See-each microchip is unique-and I use that word correctly. There is only ONE NUMBER PER CHIP ever. It is analogus to getting a registration number for your horse, dog, cat, iguana, or whatever-even your saddle or bridle. You know those Vehicle Identification Numbers on your car, truck, horse trailer? Same idea. You microchip your horse and then register your name and information along with your horse’s information. Bingo! Everything is linked.

Now here’s the thing-you need to put that number on everything related to your horse. Coggins paperwork, breed registration, health certificates, show paperwork–everything and anything related to your horse. Why? Because if something happens to your horse or if you have to take that horse out of the country and prove ownership, guess what? Right again-when you scan that chip, the number will match all of the paperwork and it will come back to you.

And, God forbid, if the horse is stolen-law enforcement will LOVE you having a microchip registry certificate and a microchip scanner. It won’t matter that somebody else is standing there with a forged bill of sale. You’ll have proof the horse is really yours. NetPosse Store $40 is cheap insurance. Sign up for the NIP Registry, too.