In Defense of the Complicated Horse

I like this blogger-and agree with her thoughts on the more challenging horse.

Patently Bay

Figuring out how to ride a complicated horse … I’m not sure I really have yet, other than to say I have sat on at least a few and didn’t die. It’s more like staying out of the way of the good, and surviving the antics. I am not even sure I would put Eli in the “complicated” category anymore, although four years ago or so when I first sat on him I definitely would have.

Which brings me to what I am about to assert: A horse is only as complicated as the rider is uneducated.

I don’t say this lightly. And I’m not saying all horses would be easy if you only knew how to ride. And the relationship to a horse’s complicatedness is not necessarily a direct one to a rider’s knowledge, experience, and execution. But there is a relationship. If I had tried to sit on…

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