Hay-Hard to find this year

Our part of the state of Georgia is in ANOTHER drought-we’ve got wildfires in the mountains as a matter of fact-and finding hay is going to be a real issue this winter. Fortunately, we’re not feeding broodmares or IR horses this year which means we can feed fescue, bermuda, orchard grass, or alfafa-assuming any of it can be found.

The other problem is-the F250 has been having mechanical problems-so hauling is an issue for that. I’m worried about the tires on the trailers being dry rotted. Plus, we are not really set up to handle round bales-but that’s the cheapest option-if we can find them. They’re $45 in the barn-but if you pay for delivery, it goes to $80. That kinda takes the cheap right out of the equation.

Like somebody said-How do you make a small fortune in the horse business? You start with a large one. He wasn’t kidding.