Celebration For Real

For those of us who have been appalled for years at the chains, rattles, oils, wraps, pads, nails, ball bearings, intentional creation of laminitis and thrush, nuts, bolts, springs, and nails placed into the sensitive soles of these horses to the point that they lie in misery in their stalls and cannot even lean down […]

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The Curse of Perfectionism

First of all, a reminder-these are my opinions and they are based on 50+ years of working with all kinds of horses. However, if you disagree, feel free to keep on going. I know not everybody is going to agree with me. In fact, I’ve spent most of my life out of  step with the […]

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For the record–

this is in response to the fact that I seem to be getting an inordinate number of single male requests to ‘friend’ me on Facebook. Listen up, guys-I’m MARRIED-to a great man. And from what I can tell from your pages-your jokes, posts, photos, and what have you-well, let’s just say I’m less than impressed. […]

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