Most People Think That They Are Seeing The Whole Picture-They Aren’t


This is a print by an artist named Bev Dolittle that I happen to admire greatly. Her talent is amazing. I own several of her limited edition prints although this is not one of them. I can’t afford it. But it is the one that drew me to her-because there is so much more to be seen in her work.

People do this with horses-they look at what the Natural Horsemanship clinicians and practioners are doing and think “well, shoot, I can wiggle a rope and wave a stick around”-and they might even get initial results. The problem lies in the fact that there is so much MORE to it that merely that. It lies in timing, watching the horse’s reactions, knowing the horse’s personality, knowing your own personality, knowing whether both of you are right that second in time, bringing the correct ask, looking for the correct response, giving the correct reward at the precise right instant. All of this happens in the blink of an eye. It takes practice, skill, and determination to do. You do not just attend one event and come away an expert on the techniques-although, Lord Knows, many have tried and gone on to bad mouth natural horsemanship.

Back to Dolittle’s work-you see trees, snow, and a red fox, right? Look more closely. There are also two braves riding appaloosas through the trees. Ah! Now you can’t un-see them. Life is like that. It’s like stopping and getting to know just a little something about a beggar on a street-once you do, you’ll see all of them as real people with real stories and real problems. Nothing is ever the same again. 

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