Yesssss! Hot Water!!

hot-girl-cold-broken-showerYou do not realize what a spoiled rotten First World brat you are until you get into take a bath and-there’s not a drop of hot water coming out of that tap. I mean not even tepid.

The well is 900 feet so that water is really cold-I’ve never measured the temperature, but on my nekkid skin, it feels like 33 degrees F. What’s worse-I know for a fact that my spouse took a long luxurious soak in that same tub not an hour before. The tank must have drained and not reheated which means there’s no hope of more later.

Grit my teeth and finish the bath-I’ve done it camping, it isn’t fun, but cold water won’t kill me. In fact, on one camping trip years ago with a friend, we’d gone to a Georgia state park in the mountains. There was a state wide water restriction so the park rangers had turned the hot water off in the showers. It was really hot that day and we’d been hiking. We hit those showers. Honest to God, we both came out with blue nail beds and blue lips. We were clean though. We sat out in the sun like lizards to warm back up.

People here take turning on a water tap for granted. I’ve been to places where people had to haul buckets of water in wheelbarrows from a sluggish river up to what they woman-container-headcalled the campground showers. Then someone would climb a ladder and the buckets would be handed up to be dumped into cisterns to warm in the sun for the tourists to shower in. It’s humbling to say the least. This is the next thing to slave labor. I benefitted from it.

I’ll enjoy my hot water in my bath and for washing clothes and dishes. But I will never, ever take the blessing of water on tap for granted again. Not ever.