Don’t Rush Your Horse

I’ve ridden, trained, bred, and competed in the horse world for over 50 years now. I learned the same thing that just about everyone does:

  • that you need the right bit to stop and control your horse.
  • you kick to make the horse go.
  • Spurs are to make them run faster (or spin harder or whatever)
  • Whips are for punishment.

Every bit of it is wrong. Yep, WRONG.

Took me a long time to learn that, but I finally did. Here’s the truth:

  • Your seat stops your horse–you don’t even need a bridle or reins.
  • Your weight and legs direct your horse-bits and reins really are superfluous.
  • Likewise, the way you  use your seat and legs can be the throttle that increases or decreases speed, increases or decreases relaxation or collection.
  • Spurs and whips should be used for signaling only. There are very few instances when punishment is warranted. Why? Because 99% of the time, YOU are the one who missed the signals the horse was giving and was trying to tell you something was off. YOU are the screw up. So if you just want to beat the crap out of somebody, go take yourself out behind the barn.

Now then–about that waiting on your horse stuff. 10790_592824257459405_128563812_n

Let the horse tell you when they are ready for the next step of doing anything. Break everything down into SMALL steps. For example, I have a trailer with a ramp. So to get one to load onto that trailer, I start with just asking one to pass by me and walk ACROSS THE RAMP. Then maybe I’ll feed them with the feed way up high on it so they have to reach for it-maybe even putting a foot on the ramp to get to it. No pressure-just if you want, go after it. Then maybe I’ll load a pasture mate and feed them inside.  Then I ask the newbie to just approach-they don’t have to load, just approach. I’ll let them stand-think about it-back up, then we’ll work for awhile. Repeat. After awhile, they start getting the idea “hey, if I approach the trailer, I get to stand and rest, but if I’m out here, I’m out running around”.

Usually takes about two hours to get one on for the first time. Let them eat, then back off and put them up. Let it soak. Don’t force it. Let the horse ask for another try at it. Let them get comfortable in there. Just grab a cold one and sit in the shade.

How do I know this works? I used this on my CTR horse. That horse would load any time any where-and what’s more, he’d stand in that trailer until I asked him to come off. One time I dropped both the ramp and the butt bar, but got called away before I unloaded him. He was still waiting for me 45 minutes later. He was not tied, but just waiting on me.

Don’t rush your horse.


A “Coyote” Is Trapped With A Full Horse Trailer-But No Horses

Roger Ramirez, of Laredo, and Carlos Patricio Gonzalez III, of Encinal, were detained Thursday and charged with conspiracy to transport and transportation of undocumented immigrants, federal court documents state.

The La Salle County emergency dispatch received a report at about 1:45 p.m. Thursday from a freight truck driver who said he had seen a hand sticking out of a horse trailer that was being towed by a dark-colored Ford F-250 pickup truck near mile marker 50 in the northbound lanes of IH-35, Marc Robertson, La Salle County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said in a release.

The pickup truck driver, identified as Ramirez, allegedly attempted to evade capture by leaving the interstate at mile marker 65.

Ramirez’s path into Cotulla was blocked by a law enforcement vehicle at the Nueces River bridge. He then drove back onto the interstate and traveled a mile before driving into Cotulla on FM 468, continuing on Leonard Avenue, Robertson said.

“With La Salle deputies following, Ramirez drove southeast on Leonard Avenue through five stop signs at intersections until he reached a dead end and steered the truck and trailer into a service alley. He then caused the Ford to crash into a fence post,” the release states.

Ramirez climbed out of the damaged vehicle and ran the distance of one city block before he was stopped and cuffed by a sheriff’s deputy, according to Robertson.

Court records state Gonzalez, identified as a passenger in the vehicle, was immediately detained by deputies.

During a search of the vehicle, one man was discovered in the back seat of the load vehicle. Traveling in the horse trailer were three adult women, four adult men and a teenage boy, Robertson said.

Border Patrol agents conducted an immigration inspection and found all nine

Illustration only

individuals to be undocumented immigrants.

Medics of the La Salle Fire Rescue & EMS were dispatched to treat Ramirez, Gonzalez and one other individual. They were transported to the Frio Regional Hospital.

Gonzalez suffered a fractured leg and received medical attention, a criminal complaint filed in the case states. Ramirez and the undocumented immigrant did not sustain any reported injuries.

All three individuals were transported from the hospital to the Cotulla Border Patrol station for processing, according to the complaint.

During post-Miranda interviews, Ramirez and Gonzalez allegedly admitted to transporting the undocumented immigrants for financial gain.

In addition to his federal charges, Ramirez faces prosecution for evading arrest or detention, and a range of traffic violations that include reckless driving, Robertson said.

Original article

Stolen Horse International website

NR 005265 Missing Mare & Foal Beautiful Star & Peaches


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NetPosse™ Missing Equine, Civil NR005265 for Beautiful Star and Peaches, Las Vegas (Clark County), Nevada: Owner had a verbal agreement with a friend to receive help with her mare while she gave birth to her baby. Agreement was friend would keep the baby if it was a Colt, and if it was a filly, owner would get her mare and the Filly back. She did file a lien for boarding fees against the mare but not the filly. However, there was not a written agreement between us and she never once told me that I would have to pay her boarding fees. She only had my mare and filly for less than a month. I was told that the horses were to be sold at an auction in August 2016 due to the lien. I believe that she did not sell them and still has my horses.

Please help us find Beautiful Star and Peaches and Bring Them Home!

See pictures, full details, and contact info for Beautiful Star and Peaches that we ask you to post everywhere. Please click on this link for full details:

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NR 005266 Stolen Kona


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NetPosse™ STOLEN Horse Alert for Kona, NR005266, June 22, 2017 – Lexington (Cleveland County), OK –

The horse was in the pasture at the trainers  in the area of 120th and Hwy 39 in Lexington, OK. Kona Was seen at 7:30am the morning of June 22nd 2017, and noticed missing at 01:30pm that afternoon.


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Searching for Dancer


Reason for searching for Dancer:

“I am looking to reconnect with a horse who I used to take lessons on before I went off to college. The horse in question is named Dancer. He is a little Arabian or Arab Morgan cross. Dancer is about 25 years old now. He is a mahogany bay gelding with a gray star on the forehead and a couple of coronets. Dancer is about 13 hands high and was in Plymouth, Wisconsin back when I learned to ride. He was sold several times and one of the owners eventually moved to Tennessee and Colorado, so I am not sure where he might be now.”

This horse could be anywhere by now. If you have any information, please forward to NetPosse or this person at the info on the web page. Help her dream come true.

Dancer’s web page


NR 005272 — Missing/Presumed Stolen — Sabe


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NetPosse™ MISSING PRESUMED STOLEN HORSE ALERT for “Sabe” aka “BS”, NR005272, July 4, 2017

Sabe was running on 110 acres with 6 other horses. She has disappeared.
Owner has searched the property thoroughly as well as neighboring ranches. No sign of Sabe anywhere. Please Help Find Sabe!


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NR 005275 Searching for Contessa


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NetPosse™ Searching For Contessa, Report #NR0052759, May 26, 2017, Millbrook (Elmore County), AL

Lisa was in the process of purchasing another horse and She was led to believe she was trading Contessa in and the cost would decrease for the new horse. Lisa feels very mislead and scammed out of her horse. She has so much guilt over this, she loves and misses Contessa. Please help Lisa find her and bring her home!

For more details on Contessa, please click this link:

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