From Anna Blake’s Blog-and Boy, is she good! Part One-And Then My Horse Betrayed Me

Do click the link and read what she has to say because she’s right-we do have the knee jerk reflex to ‘get that bastard for what he/she did to me’-instead of sitting down and looking for the ‘what did I miss that would cause that behavior’. I’ve come to the conclusion that (myself included here) humans are just assholes around horses most of the time. God knows, I’ve spent a great deal of time apologizing for all the things and times I’ve done exactly that in the past. So do not think that I’m excluding myself from this or holding myself up for the Pope to make me a saint. I’m anything but.

(Of course, right now, Jolene and Belle think I can do nothing wrong and want to follow me into the house and talk about interior decorating-I think-but they’re impossibly sweet girls.)

Y’all read-and let me know what you think.