Gravity Is Increasing

That’s Nikolai-he’s a Tarpan/Heck horse-or what I like to call an autistic short eared mule. Tarpans are a lot like mules-they’re going to do what they’re going to do-and there’s just not a whole heck of a lot you’re going to do to persuade them otherwise. You know the old saying-you can tell a gelding, […]

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Be On the Look Out!

I know you’ve seen horses being loaded up in all sorts of situations. I certainly have. In partking lots, in arenas, out in pastures, in barn alleyways (THAT can get hairy sometimes if the horse fights getting in), in front yards and back yards, and sometimes by the side of the road. Heck, I’ve loaded […]

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NHR–WTF Is Wrong With People?

These are the flags of not one but TWO causes that lost BIGLY. I’m not talking itty, bitty fist fights, but major wars that cost 100’s of thousands of lives in the first and MILLIONS of lives in the second. We are NOT talking ‘heritage’ either, people. That is a freaking red herring. There never […]

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A Word About Using Carabiners

Every horse person I know (including me) has picked up a carabiner or more. They’re quick and easy to use for a lot of things-hanging a hay net, replacing the clip on a lead, putting a bucket up for feeding, fastening a gate, and on and on. That’s the problem-they’re TOO EASY. So we don’t […]

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Tying That Pony

Now I’ll be honest-as if you’d know if I weren’t-I have no use for a horse that won’t stand tied or a human that caters to one that won’t. “I’ll just have to hold her because she pulls back.” Well, sister (this is almost invariably a female) get your big girl panties on and teach […]

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