Be On the Look Out!


I know you’ve seen horses being loaded up in all sorts of situations. I certainly have. In partking lots, in arenas, out in pastures, in barn alleyways (THAT can get hairy sometimes if the horse fights getting in), in front yards and back yards, and sometimes by the side of the road. Heck, I’ve loaded and unloaded my own horses by the side of expressways for heaven’s sake. Wasn’t crazy about the idea, but it was necessary. Fortunately, my horses like being trailered and they’re good about things like that. (Still didn’t make my stress level go down any.)

But-BUT-there are times when you really ought to stop and ask questions. Seriously.

If something seems a bit ‘off’:

  • the horse doesn’t seem to ‘know’ the handlers and is apprehensive about loading in that particular trailer
  • you’ve never seen that trailer or truck in your neighborhood before.
  • you know your neighbor is out of town and you don’t recognize those people
  • you may have seen people slowly driving through or heard about it from neighbors
  • etc.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Snap some photos (tag numbers of truck and trailer, faces of people involved) with your cellphone-and let them see you do it
  • Call the owner of the horse-ask if they are moving the horse that day. If so, no harm done. If not-they can call 911.
  • Just stop and chat for a bit-ask who they are, where they are going, how long they’ll be there, how far they have to drive, …..every minute you can delay them if they are bad news will allow law enforcement to get that much closer.

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