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I don’t know about you, but if the authorities call and tell me that I have just a few hours to pack up and get the _____ out of here, I got problems. I got three dogs, two cats, and 6 horses. One of the dogs is Ye Olde Scared Of Her Own Shadow variety and 99/100 I can’t even lay a hand on her. Let things get the least bit frantic and forget that. The other two and the cats I can pack up-the cats would protest rather loudly, but they’d live.

BUT-I have a two horse trailer-so therein lies a huge  dilemma if something should happen. Now don’t tell me that nothing is going to happen. The folks down in east central Texas didn’t think a storm like Harvey would even hit them either-but it did. Then just a couple of weeks later, here comes Irma trucking up Florida like a freight train and near about as deadly. I’ve lived here in the Deep South all my life, but I have never seen a storm do what that one did. Hit Florida – yes, but just go from one end to the other? Nope. Can’t say I enjoyed it either.

Then Maria devastated Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands-just about wiped them off the map. The tropics have been wild this year-and Nate came to soak up some more-and we still have six more weeks of the season. Whoopee.

While we’re mildewing and soaking, the West and Northwest is going up in smoke. Wildfires are everywhere-and are nearly uncontrollable. Entire cities are burned to the ground. Photos look like scenes from WWI/II. Satellites photos show smoke drifting hundreds of miles out to sea.

People are having to run for the lives-and their animals are getting displaced. Sometimes they can go with them, but sometimes they are just displaced. Then what?

Here’s one helping hand to reuniting animals and owners.