Stolen horse returned after social media blitz



A family whose mare was stolen got their horse back after a social media blitz on Tuesday spread word of the theft.

Christine Lauay said their 14-year-old saddle horse, Halle, was stolen from a farm in Lugoff Monday. Halle had been evacuated to the farm when Hurricane Matthew was headed for Charleston, and she was staying in Lugoff while the family repaired damage from the storm.

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Someone pushed down a fence and loaded Halle into a trailer and took off with her.

NetPosse, an online service that helps owners recover missing horses, posted: “We are pleased to announce that Halle has been found! At approximately 10 p.m. last night someone heard a vehicle leaving the area near their home. When they went to check, they discovered Halle in their yard. Thank you for helping us get the word out and assisting in the recovery of Halle!”

Resource: WYFF4, Carla Field,

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