“Nacho” Facebook Page


  • Education–articles on previous thefts, recoveries, prevention, permanent identification, premise security, traveling safely
  • NetPosse Store–Products specifically selected to be the best possible for your horse’s safety and security in mind at reasonable prices. Also-gifts for the horse owner and pampering for the end of the day.
  • Victim Services–Assistance and counseling by volunteers who have “been there”. While we cannot physically go out to search for the horse, we can teach you and assist with making the contacts. Counseling is also provided.
  • NIP Registry–Lifetime registry for horses and other microchipped animals. First equine registry in the world.
  • Search/Recovery Help--from making a custom web page to working with law enforcement to getting media coverage to helping to arrange for quarantine and hauling from a distant state-we have the capabilities that mere Facebook pages lack.
  • Nearly 20 years of experience-something that no one else on Facebook can begin to match

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