NR 005238 Searching for Horse “Boots” Bostan


NR 005238 Bostan “Boots”           $800.00 Reward Offered

Incident Date:
Shelbyville (Us County), KY, 40065, USA

My mom became very ill after she had her stroke. We had thought we were going to have to sell our farm so we spent 6 months looking for the perfect home for our horses whom we have had for 13 years. We ended up meeting a man who met our criteria, we went to his house, let him meet Bostan and all seemed well. We had a strict agreement with this man if he was EVER unable to keep Bostan he would immediately call us and return him to us. Well we never got that call. About a year went by and i kept trying to get a hold of this man with no luck. Finally I was able to track down someone who knew him and they confirmed he had sold my horses. I finally got this mans new number and called him he told me he sold Bostan to a horse trader/live stock man in Mt. Sterling KY around 5/16/2016. I did not find this out until 5/16/2017 one year later. I was able to get a hold of this “horse trader” who remembers my baby but has no idea who bought him. He told me he was sold East of Kentucky but I am not sure I believe that and I think he could be anywhere. This horse is extremely missed and loved and we would love to have him home to live the rest of his life. If whoever has him does not want to get rid of him we will be fine knowing he is safe and happy. Please help me find my boy and bring him home!