Missing Equine NR 005260 Unclassified


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NetPosse™ – Missing Equine, Civil, NR005260 for ‘Unclassified’ – Lawrenceburg (Anderson County), KY

Unclassified was loaned to a family to be used for their children. However, he was given away to someone without Vicki’s consent. She has been looking for him everywhere. She was told he had passed away but then someone reached out to her on June 12, 2017 and stated they had seen him in a kill pen. Please help us find Unclassified and Bring Him Home!

See pictures, full details, and contact info for Unclassified that we ask you to post everywhere. Please click on this link for full details: http://www.netposse.com/view_report.asp?reportid=5260

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