Social Media-The Good, the Bad, and-face facts-the Hideous

Social media can be marvelous for any number of reasons. It has brought a long-lost family together, fostered networks of friends (and new friends), helped people find things, and share their lives with others if they live too fast and/or too far apart. I’m not talking about the “yum, I’m having a key lime pie for dessert” type thing. That’s so shallow my feet wouldn’t get wet in it. If you can’t do better than that-don’t bother, darling. The rest of us don’t care.

Most of the stuff on social media is rather banal. Just the random drivel of people saying whatever pops into their heads at the moment. I suppose that for them it is important in that instant, but if they would stop and wait 30 minutes, they’d realize that it isn’t to anybody but themselves. It sure would save them and the rest of us a lot of time. I scroll past more drivel about this, that, and the other than should be allowable. Really people? Is your life that narrow? You need to get out more. Seriously. As in volunteer for a homeless shelter, no-kill dog or cat shelter, domestic violence center, become a foster parent, sign people up to vote-I don’t know, but DO SOMETHING, for God’s sake. The fact that you are whining on social media about how other people are treating you tells me that you have entirely too much time on your hands. Poor you. Other people really do have it a lot worse. Get  OFF the damn pity pot.

What about the hideous?

That’s the people who skewer-for the sheer hell of it-other people. To the point of no return and, for some reason, they seem to think that is acceptable behavior. They hide behind a screen and tap out extremely aggressive words that render the target helpless, vulnerable, and wounded. I have no patience with this behavior. None. I was the target of bullies in elementary and high school and it makes me furious when I see it happening.

Another form of bullying is the malicious and cruel words people post about other ethnicities, races, and religions-especially if they are from other countries. If you don’t know anything about that culture, race, or religion, then, for God’s sake, LEARN something about it. Don’t just take the words of people who scream and yell about ‘shithole’ countries. You know why? Because things like heart pumps came from SOUTH AFRICA-not the USA. Coffee originally came from ETHIOPIA on the Horn of Africa, but it is now harvested in SOUTH AMERICA as well. Your cell phones are made in CHINA-not the USA. The tranny in your GM car or truck was most likely made in MEXICO. The seats were constructed in CANADA. The engine block was fabricated in POLAND.

Oh, and by the way, do you remember that Super Blood Moon this week? The science that predicted that was first started by Islamic astronomers. We owe the Islamic scholars a great deal.

Just because something is not glittering gold, cushy comfortable to look at, or the people the same skin tone as the face you view in the mirror does not make them odious. In fact, if you will take a deep breath and get to  know them-you might like them. You might actually find new and better heroes in those areas. I did. Courageous people that out-shine anything in Western culture. They make us look really bland.