A Lesson From My Horses

My horses have taught me many things over the years-more than I’m willing to admit sometimes. At times the lessons have been painful-such as learning that all that time I spend learning from books in libraries and then using that education was really torturing my horses. (Oh, yeah-got a long, long list of those things. […]

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Just Stop

Just Stop the Spaying of Wild Mares from Straight from the Horse’s Heart If you want to stop or slow the propogation of the wild horses-castrate the males. It’s safer, easier, and a lot less expensive for everybody. Just who got the hare-brained idea that performing spays on mares was a wonderful idea-I haven’t the foggiest […]

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“Dinky” Zinke

“Dinky Zinke” a blog post from elsewhere that I likes If you have read anything at all of what I have written in the past, you’ll know a few things about me: I don’t tolerate fools or idiots-and people who desecrate public lands for their own benefit fall into both categories in my estimation. I […]

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