Our wild horses and wild areas under major threat

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I detest Secretary Zinke. I believe that the ONLY thing he has on his agenda is the filling of his bank account and those of his wealthy friends and Donald Trump’s. He’s made that very clear with his actions. 

Now he is finally on the radar for his illegal use of military jets (you know the ones-they’re not the fighters or cargo planes-they’re the spiffy jets that you see on Criminal Minds, NCIS, or those shows-oh, yes, they travel in fine style on corporate style private jets). Those jets are NOT cheap. Now if he was using regular military cargo flights, it wouldn’t be so bad. They aren’t comfortable, they’re frequently late, and they are often dirty. Nope-he’s flying in splendor-cushy seating, the very best in liquors in the bars, WiFI, sofas, HDTV, and all the bells and whistles. They leave when you wish and go where you wish. It’s the high life.  And the taxpayers are footing the bill for all this. Why am I pissed? He’s supposed to be flying coach on a commercial jet. Yeah-that’s maybe $500 compared to probably $7K/trip. He makes lots of trips. 

Secty. Zinke is over the Bureau of Land Management, the agency that supposedly oversees the management of the wildlife including the wild horses (both feral and mustangs across the nation). The problem with Zinke’s oversight is that there is no oversight. His direction is that the land that the horses and wildlife occupy is land that foreign (yep, you read that correctly-FOREIGN) investors want to mine, drill, and otherwise desecrate. 

It is also land that at least in part is part of the SOVEREIGN LANDS of the Native Americans. In plain language, those lands do not belong to the United States of America. Legally, morally, and ethically-that land belongs to THEM and ONLY THEM. But does that deter Zinke? Oh, hell, no. He has the attitude of many folks who live out West-if they want to use the land, then they use the land. If somebody objects-then they’ll discuss it later. i have a problem with that. 

Actually, Zinke would, too, if I walked into his house, ate the food out of his kitchen, used his bed, sold his furniture because I didn’t like it, remodeled, filled in the swimming pool, and, well, you get my drift. Somehow it’s different when he’s doing it to somebody who can’t fight back or he’s making money hand over fist or both. I think Zinke and all of his friends need to be held accountable for ALL OF IT

What’s happening to the wild horses? They’re being rounded up, held in pens until the trucks arrive, hauled to Mexico, and sold for $10/head for meat by the thousands. Those that don’t make the trip are being buried in pits in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota.  Doubt me? There are aerial photographs of the mounds online. No one can find the horses. The BLM sure isn’t talking. They’re not feeding horses in the holding pens. 

The Bears Ears National Park has essentially been destroyed by Zinke. It had treasures of artifacts and burial grounds out there. Those will be bulldozed and used for waste dumping sites so that white men can make money. Fracking wells will be drilled and the waste water will poison the area water for everyone for miles and miles. Earthquakes will start. We can still stop it if we move fast. But we have to move FAST. 

Remember: This is Zinke’s doing with the blessing of Donald Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. If you love our natural resources, we must stop them ALL.