More on Sec’ty Zinke

The fireworks just don’t seem to stop with this guy now that he’s is squarely in the cross-hairs. I’ve said from the start that he was a rotten apple in a barrel of rotten apples, but my voice was one of many ignored. To put it simply, the Cabinet was staffed with crooks and shysters of all varieties. I knew about the two from Georgia before they even took office (Tom Price and Sonny Perdue). 

Slowly, but surely, the American public has been treated to a parade of malfeasance and mismanagement from one agency then another. The arguably best of the lot was the Secretary of State who actually did try to learn and do his job. Totally out of place, totally unprepared, and like a fish out of water, Rex Tillerson did a quite passable job of a daunting task. The problem he had was his boss. My take is that Tillerson had never worked for somebody who was a micro-manager.  They are impossible to work for or with. 

Tom Price’s mistake was too many fancy toys in his office and too many fancy trips paid for by the tax payers. He came from Georgia and we could have told anybody that he LOVED to feather his nest that way. 

Scott Pruitt is another one that likes to ‘redirect’ funds to plump up his surroundings and those of his associates. It was well-known before he arrived in DC. So no surprise that he continued the practice. 

Jeff Sessions-now he was always a little nasty bulldog of an attorney over in Alabama and well-known for his racism and hard-line stances. He never changed and became a politician that reflected those values. When selected as Attorney General, nothing less was expected of him. What was not expected was that he did have legal ethics and would recuse himself from the Mueller investigation. Who knew? Absolutely unforgivable to a boss who demanded absolute loyalty only to him and to hell with the law and justice. The job is currently open. 

Now Ryan Zinke is under fire-for his spending habits and oversight of the Department of the Interior-as he well should be. He’s allowed the round up and trucking to slaughter of thousands of wild horses purely for the purpose of getting them off federal lands. This isn’t even for the ostensible purpose of allowing the grazing of cattle. This is to allow the mining, drilling, and fracking interests to come in. We KNOW what happens when they arrive. Any damage the horses (or cattle) would have done will be minuscule in comparison. The land will be damaged forever. 

We have to counter this and do it NOW. And we have to start with ousting Zinke to start with.   

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