I can remember when growing up that my parents hammered into me and my sibling that we had to tell the truth. Have to admit that I got my share of paddling for infractions. Children have to try out that thing adults call ‘lying’. After all, adults read us ‘stories’ and tell us that they aren’t really true, right? So what’s the problem?  It’s confusing to a child. 

Then adults tell children (or most of us do) that Santa Claus is real, the Easter Bunny comes, the Tooth Fairy brings money for shed teeth, ….. and then they find out the truth. But the monsters are still in the closet or under the bed-or sometimes IN THE BED or down the hall. They find out that adults lie constantly and the truth is seldom in evidence, but we demand it of them. And it is not fair-so they rebel. Can you blame them?

Now we have a man living in our White House who is a pathological iiar. He cannot stop lying. In fact, it is newsworthy when he tells the TRUTH. That is truly appalling-not just for him and his family, but for a country that we accepted his lies and elected him to that office in spite of his lies. If he had been a child raised in our homes, most of us would have paddled, punished, and moved heaven and earth to cure his lying. Why do we tolerate it now? Why are some people STILL believing it?

I don’t know. I really don’t. I do know that his lies keep changing-and that’s how you know that they are lies. Truth doesn’t change. Truth shines like a diamond.  Lies might shine briefly like fool’s gold, but they’re easily tarnished and disproved. Look for the TRUTH-it alone is worth having. 

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