Civility vs anger

Civility-that’s a word that is being tossed about on the social media platforms a lot these days. “We want civility in our group.” “Please be civil-those who are not will be banned.” Etc.  That’s really nice and all that, but who is the judge of what is and what isn’t civil discourse? Is it just the fact that the administrator or managers of the page ‘like’ what you have to say or not? Or is it that you manage to couch your language in terms that are less offensive to their other readers? Maybe you refrain from using vulgar language or profanity? Just what is this term anyway? 

According to, the origin of civility was in 1350-1400 in Middle English civilite < Middle French < Latin civilitat (stem – civilitas or courtesy)  It is now defined as being courteous or polite; a polite action or expression.  That’s all well and good if that’s all you are doing and that’s your sole intent, but often it isn’t-and that’s the problem. 

You see, that’s how ‘white privilege’ got started-the white massas and their families forced their black slaves to conduct themselves with ‘civility towards them. If the slave dared to speak up, they were beaten, starved, given extra work, their families sold away, and some even died. There are many among us who still prefer the days when all blacks regardless of age, education, social standing, or position referred to any white as ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’, and bowed respectfully to acknowledge their inferior place in life. Some carry it even further to include those of other races (Jews, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics). Personally, I’ve never been able to see the point. People might look different on the outside, sure, but all this stuff doesn’t contribute to anything but making one particular segment of the world’s population feel superior about themselves and that for a very, very questionable reason. Looks? Give me a break. 

Not everyone is Miss Manners aka Judith Martin (whom I adore, btw, for her good sense and sometimes biting sarcasm).  I have NEVER ever been accused of being a maven of etiquette. Can I get by in what is known as polite society? Yeah, if I have to, but quite frankly, it irritates me and bores me.  Cards within cards and envelopes inside of envelopes with calling cards just drive me up the proverbial WALL. The only people who really love them are the printers. Seriously.  At least business cards make sense-sort of. At least until you can get the information into your phone. 

Back to civility-yes, it can be necessary in life and in politics. BIG BUT-there are times when it needs to be thrown to the side and your sleeves rolled up, the shouting started, and the drums brought out. That’s when you realized that your own civility has been taken ADVANTAGE OF and USED AGAINST YOU. That is the case across the country for state after state and county after county-predominately for Democrats. In our effort to be nice and ‘play by the rules’, be politically correct’, and all that entails, we now have proof that:

  1. Polling places were illegally closed in areas that are predominately minority and/or Democratic voting. 
  2. Paper ballots were ‘harvested’ and completed for the Republican candidate by paid employees. 
  3. paper ballots were sent out too late to be returned on time to be counted. 
  4. paper ballots were not tallied in time to be included in the certified tally. 
  5. voters were being turned away from polling places because of improper purging of voter rolls
  6. voters were not being offered provisional ballots at all
  7. voting machines were in poor working condition 
  8. voting machines were used and then simply stored before the votes were tallied. 
  9. insufficient voting machines were used at polling places known to have large minority residents and/or Democrats resulting in extremely long lines and wait times.
  10. Pressure was placed on election officials to ‘call’ races before ALL VOTES were counted (in fact, before 10% of votes were counted in some cases) 
  11. Voting machines were ‘flipping’ votes between candidates while the voters were still standing in the booth voting (e.g. from one candidate to the other)
  12. Summary of voting often differed from what the voter intended and necessitated the vote having to be thrown out and re-done. 
  13. Many times, the poll workers were not completing the ID portion of the registration thereby invalidating the voter. 
  14. Boxes of ballots were found in storage-uncounted. 
  15. Early voting ballots had not been tallied and there was resistance to having them counted. 

There’s probably more-I just can’t remember them all.  Frustration doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling. But-at least we caught them red-handed in the act of actually STEALING THE ELECTION. 

So-yeah, I’m ANGRY.  Being angry is a choice and I choose to be angry. Really super angry.  I also choose not to be very civil about this. Not only does it discriminate against Democrats, it discriminates against

  1.  Blacks
  2. Poor people
  3. Elderly
  4. Disabled
  5. Rural
  6. Uneducated
  7. Hispanics and just about every other spanish speaking group
  8. Asians
  9. Liberals
  10. Progressives
  11. Children
  12. Farmers
  13. Retired people
  14. Blue collar/working class
  15. self-employed
  16. Independents

If that doesn’t PISS YOU OFF, you’re not an American. Because just about everybody I know is in one or more of those groups. 

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