Life Views

Some of these may be-in the opinion of some-be political, some will be simply observations, others may be ‘spiritual’ in nature. If they bother you-pass on by. I am not asking for acceptance or approbation. I am expressing myself. Whether I am ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is basically immaterial-this is my writing, my blog, and my feelings. I’m old enough now not to care if my expressed views disturb the status quo-much

QE2-looking less than pleased

like Bernie Sanders, John Lewis, and the venerable Ruth Bader Ginsberg, I’m sorry if your feelings are hurt, my dear, but I’m not sorry I said it.

If you must comment, be civil or you’ll never be approved. I do enjoy honest argument, but bashing and ‘flaming’ will not be honored. You have been warned.

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