The Sports Model Jackass refers to my first horse-a pinto of unknown breeding and certainly questionable background-that I got for my 12th birthday. Naturally, I thought he was the most be-oo-ti-ful horse on earth. Put him in the pasture behind my grandmother’s horse-after all, the mule had stayed there. First thing he did was jump the fence and take off looking for other horses. Thus began my education about horses.

My father dubbed him that when I bought another horse whose winter coat resembled that of a mule. (He was obstinate-but hardly a mule). I owned that horse for nearly 20 years and it broke my heart when he broke a leg and had to be put down. He was my heart and soul. I have a painting of him on my wall now-he taught me so much.

I’ve spent 50+ years with horses-gaited, eventers, saddle seat, trail, and even a draft and harness here and there. I’ve learned that enough to know that I don’t know everything and I never will. I’ve learned enough to be very uncomfortable when people look to me for advice-because what worked for me with one horse may not work for them and their horse.

Horses have also taught me much about life and relationships. Maybe I can make words cooperate enough to share this with the world. I don’t know, but I can try.

Will this teach any horse training techniques? No. If that is what you are looking for, go elsewhere. I refuse to be even marginally responsible for what somebody does to a horse. I apologize to my own horses constantly. I do not want to apologize to yours as well.

Where am I? West central Georgia and that is all you will get out of me.

Read and leave comments. I’ll be interested in seeing what you have to say.

May the sun shine warmly on your face, the rain nourish your fields, the winds blow gently between the ears of your horse’s ears, and the trees’ shade your trails.


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