All Politics is local

This is what a friend keeps telling me anyway. I’m inclined to believe him since everything basically boils down to this one fact:

If you live in a place with more than ONE person, then, by God, like it or not, you vote. 

Now you might not go to a poll and say “I like this person” or “I think this is the way to do something”, but if you don’t, you have still voted. You voted by sitting on your ass and telling the people who are going to make the decisions that whatever decision they make is just fine with you. That’s a vote. 

Now if you don’t like what they do, it is your fault. You didn’t get up off your ass and go tell them to do something different, did ya? No, you did not. Shame on you. 

Now I’m going to be totally unapologetic here. I have voted both parties in the past, but for the life of me, I cannot see how any sane person of any moral or ethical background can stomach the Republican party as it now stands. I can’t think of a single policy they have that I can back. 

I’m even starting to lean in the direction of the Democratic Socialist Party (which would absolutely horrify my most immediate maternal ancestor no end). The sociologists tell us that you are supposed to get more conservative with age, but I’m getting more and more liberal. I’m also becoming more and more of a feminist. Clarity of vision in my older years perhaps?

At any rate, this section of the blog will be my political Odyssey. Join me if you wish. You are warned that I will express views that will be controversial. I reserve the right to delete those who conflict with me-this is, after all, my blog. You still have First Amendment rights-just use that elsewhere.  I will not tolerate vulgar or profane language. Civility is required. 

I do not belong to an organized political party-I am a Democrat. 

Will Rogers