Feminine Leadership

That’s one of my mares telling one of the geldings to move. In the horse world, it is pretty much all FEMALE leadership. The alpha mare is the one who decides where the herd grazes today, when they move on, where they will stand in the stand to swish flies, when they will go to […]

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Missing Equine NR 005260 Unclassified

SOCIAL MEDIA ALERT: Please copy and paste to your social media. Do not change the information. NetPosse™ – Missing Equine, Civil, NR005260 for ‘Unclassified’ – Lawrenceburg (Anderson County), KY Unclassified was loaned to a family to be used for their children. However, he was given away to someone without Vicki’s consent. She has been looking […]

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Missing Horse NR 005357 Roman

SOCIAL MEDIA ALERT: Please copy and paste to your social media. Do not change the information. NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert, Civil NR005357 for Roman Last Known Location: Zebulon (Franklin County), NC I entered a trade deal with a lady in North Carolina. I felt Roman was young and needed more riding than I was able […]

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Missing Horse NR5360 Baxter

NetPosse™ Missing Equine, Civil – Report #NR005360 for Baxter aka Date of Incident: October 16, 2017 Last Known Location: Purcell (McClain County), OK For more details: http://www.netposse.com/view_report.asp?reportid=5360  Baxter was sold without the owner’s knowledge or permission. Baxter is deaf and has other health issues. He is not safe to be ridden. Owner was informed that he […]

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Why Are There So Many Stallions?

Now you’ve read on my blog that I’ve got a problem with people who breed their mares and stallions simply because they have a set of registration papers with some famous horse’s name on them (usually four to six generations back-which genetically speaking means that the horse in question has ABSOLUTELY no influence on the […]

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Help find Stretch! NR 005350

NR 005350  Stretch     Please note: This horse was greying at the time photos were taken at age three. He is now age 7 and is quite likely to be much lighter in color.  Incident Date: 10/20/2017 Location: Sharon (york County), SC, 29742, USA This is one of our rescue horses raised from an orphan […]

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