A Lesson From My Horses

My horses have taught me many things over the years-more than I’m willing to admit sometimes. At times the lessons have been painful-such as learning that all that time I spend learning from books in libraries and then using that education was really torturing my horses. (Oh, yeah-got a long, long list of those things. […]

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Coyotes-Misunderstood? Threat?

These are some of the most adaptable critters around-and they have learned to live in amongst humans regardless of what we do. There are coyotes that live entirely in big cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and New York City. And why not? The cities are full of their prey-rats, mice, feral cats, stray dogs, possums, […]

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“I’m going to spook….”

I have had some characters as horses. The Jackass was only the first. His idea of a ‘spook’ was a big swooping sideways thing. It was obviously designed to dislodge a less careful rider. As time went by, I learned that he telegraphed when he was going to do one of those things. It became […]

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Character Judgment

I have a theory-one of these days, I fully expect some major scientific funding back me up on it. My theory is-if you are really good with animals, any kind of animals, then the reactions of the animals in your life to the people you bring around them will tell you all you need to […]

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