What IS Competitive Trail Riding?

First off-it is NOT endurance-while it does involve horses and distance, it is most definitely in no way shape or form linked to endurance. The two sports are like apples and grapefruit-both round, delicious, and good for you, but not the same. Let me explain: Endurance: This is about the HORSE only. It is primarily […]

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Now I Don’t Know Much…

 But it seems apparent to me that in some ways, humans have no evolved much since the days when we hunted horses down purely as a source of meat. Certainly the paintings on the walls of caves support this conclusion. We still-in some places-consume their flesh, although most in the USA consider this practice to […]

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Why my horses are barefoot

It goes back to that sports model jackass-my first horse. He was a bright boy-and I was either naive as heck, stupid beyond belief, ignorant as all get out, or some combination of all of them. With the 20/20 vision of hindsight-I’d say all of them. It should have cost me the horse. That horse […]

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