Starting The Babies

Contrary to the expectations of the public, just because the mama is gentle does not mean the foal comes out wanting human hands all over the body. Let’s face facts here. This is a new horse looking at a new world and every instinct that baby has says “RUN OR YOU’LL BE EATEN!” Granted, the […]

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A Lesson From My Horses

My horses have taught me many things over the years-more than I’m willing to admit sometimes. At times the lessons have been painful-such as learning that all that time I spend learning from books in libraries and then using that education was really torturing my horses. (Oh, yeah-got a long, long list of those things. […]

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Just Stop

Just Stop the Spaying of Wild Mares from Straight from the Horse’s Heart If you want to stop or slow the propogation of the wild horses-castrate the males. It’s safer, easier, and a lot less expensive for everybody. Just who got the hare-brained idea that performing spays on mares was a wonderful idea-I haven’t the foggiest […]

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Sexual Assault-What Does It Mean?

So why I am writing about this on a blog ostensibly about horses? Well, because sexual assault is about two things-and it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the gender of the individual doing the assault and/or battery (they are different and I’ll explain) and the intended victim’s gender or even species. Yes-I said species […]

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Scams-Protect Your Loved Ones

I’ve written before about people who prey upon the unsuspecting as far as buying horses or selling horses on the internet-and if you keep up with me, you know that as far as I’m concerned, buying and selling ANYTHING, but especially living, breathing animals, is just plain risky business when you can’t physically SEE what […]

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Feminine Leadership

That’s one of my mares telling one of the geldings to move. In the horse world, it is pretty much all FEMALE leadership. The alpha mare is the one who decides where the herd grazes today, when they move on, where they will stand in the stand to swish flies, when they will go to […]

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Tying That Pony

Now I’ll be honest-as if you’d know if I weren’t-I have no use for a horse that won’t stand tied or a human that caters to one that won’t. “I’ll just have to hold her because she pulls back.” Well, sister (this is almost invariably a female) get your big girl panties on and teach […]

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Don’t Rush Your Horse

I’ve ridden, trained, bred, and competed in the horse world for over 50 years now. I learned the same thing that just about everyone does: that you need the right bit to stop and control your horse. you kick to make the horse go. Spurs are to make them run faster (or spin harder or […]

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