My grandpa drove a black pickup-step side with the old style pins and chains on the tail gate to lock it closed, hold it flat, or allow it to drop all the way down. As far as I was concerned, it was a Rolls Royce Silver Phantom. From the time I walked well, I was […]

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Romance & Horses

This was a sore point between my mom and I. You see-she had this idea that since I was the ‘spitting image of her’ (and I was), that I was going to have the identical interests and goals that she did-i.e. being an author, marrying a pilot, having a big family, being a social success, […]

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A Lifetime of Equines

My mom thought I’d outgrow the “horse phase”. After all, other little girls did. She wanted a dainty little girl who played with dolls, held tea parties, was fussy about wearing dresses, stayed clean, and loved playing house. What she got was a child who looked like her carbon copy-but that was it. I hated […]

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