On Guard!

Everybody tells you to be more careful when you go out shopping during the Holiday season, don’t they? Look under your vehicle. Don’t get into your car if there’s a van parked next to the driver’s door. Check the back floor to see if somebody is hiding back there. Put all your packages in the […]

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Disaster.NetPosse.com Is Now Online

  A new NATIONAL database is now online and available for use by rescue workers, rescue groups, animal control, law enforcement, and owners who are seeking lost animals. This is NOT limited as far as species is concerned. Any species can be listed as either FOUND  or MISSING. Use of the database is FREE OF […]

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Georgia offers help for horses being evacuated from Florida — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Source: womenofageridinghorses Excerpt: Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter Starting Thursday morning GNFA is offering 350 stalls on a first come, first serve basis. No need to call ahead but have a back up plan should the facility reach capacity by the time you arrive. There is on-site camping available for those sheltering a horse at […] […]

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Equine/Pet Identification (Particularly In Disaster Situations)

Folks- I don’t know about you, but just the word ‘disaster’ makes me want to grab my loved ones and run hide. Most people ‘think’ of disaster in terms of hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, tsunamis, mud slides, and so forth. These  are disasters-no question. But there are little disasters as well-but they are still disasters. […]

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Benefits of Microchipping Your Horse

I will just list them. When properly registered, a microchip is the unique and unalterable link to the owner of the animal. That should be self-explanatory. Health records are easier to track for vets-this is critical for pre-purchase or breeding exams. Health certificates can be linked to the chips for shipping, showing, racing, and/or sales. […]

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See that little bitty brown thing? That’s a microchip. They do NOT have the ability to be tracked from outer space. Whoever is spreading that rumor around is wearing a tin foil hat and living in rooms lined in tin foil. The reason is quite simple. In order to transmit a signal up to a […]

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Taking Disaster Precautions

Nobody believes in the word ‘disaster’. It isn’t real. It is that thing that happens to somebody else. It never happens to me. Except it does. Sometimes it is just little disasters-a flat tire when we are in a hurry, a broken pipe when it freezes,  a clogged toilet (particularly when company is there), but […]

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