Spring Greenies

My largest section of pastures is nearly exhausted and all six of the horses are starting to show ribs. I do have one smaller pasture that they can’t get to unless I move them over there. It’s about 5 acres and the fescue is coming in pretty good. Won’t be long until the clover comes […]

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How SHOULD We Feed Our Horses?

Way back in the Dark Ages when I was reading everything I could get my grubby little hands on-and you can bet I knew EXACTLY where in the libraries the horse books were located-it was all pretty much the same thing. Now I will qualify that-it was in the English language and here in the […]

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Now I Don’t Know Much…

 But it seems apparent to me that in some ways, humans have no evolved much since the days when we hunted horses down purely as a source of meat. Certainly the paintings on the walls of caves support this conclusion. We still-in some places-consume their flesh, although most in the USA consider this practice to […]

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