Barriers and Wishful Thinking

For some reason, human beings love to erect barriers to do one of two things: A. Keep something they fear OUT, and/or B. Keep something they want to keep IN. Now as we look back through history, we see various forms of this pattern happening over and over again. Walled towns and villages–to keep out […]

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Leather Work In The Winter

One of my things to do in the winter is inspect, clean, and oil my tack. In this part of the country, the weather tends to the wet, chilly, nasty variety. I’m not afraid of riding in the rain-I’ve done it sometimes, but doggone it, I greatly prefer riding in WARM rain. This riding thing […]

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Put a woman in charge

There’s a lot that goes on in this old world that went on before-birth, death, marriage, sex, politics-just to name a handful. Some of it we can’t change even if we wanted to. Some we change for a short period of time, and then think better of it and change it back. Unfortunately, there are […]

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Civility vs anger

Civility-that’s a word that is being tossed about on the social media platforms a lot these days. “We want civility in our group.” “Please be civil-those who are not will be banned.” Etc.  That’s really nice and all that, but who is the judge of what is and what isn’t civil discourse? Is it just […]

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I can remember when growing up that my parents hammered into me and my sibling that we had to tell the truth. Have to admit that I got my share of paddling for infractions. Children have to try out that thing adults call ‘lying’. After all, adults read us ‘stories’ and tell us that they […]

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More on Sec’ty Zinke

The fireworks just don’t seem to stop with this guy now that he’s is squarely in the cross-hairs. I’ve said from the start that he was a rotten apple in a barrel of rotten apples, but my voice was one of many ignored. To put it simply, the Cabinet was staffed with crooks and shysters […]

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