Kentucky Derby Day

Quite a few high priced thoroughbreds will prance to the post on May 4, 2019 for whatever number it is of the running of the Derby. Other races will run before with equally well bred horses running down that same track or on the grass track just inside it. Some will be two, three, or […]

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Why Are Good Young Racehorses Ending Up As Meat 7,000 Miles Away? — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

From the blog: Straight From the Horse’s Heart by Ryan Goldberg as published on “Ace King was the first of eight horses that day to be prodded down a narrow concrete-and-metal chute to his death. A bolt was fired into his brain before he was hoisted up and his throat was cut…” Two years […]

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Spring Greenies

My largest section of pastures is nearly exhausted and all six of the horses are starting to show ribs. I do have one smaller pasture that they can’t get to unless I move them over there. It’s about 5 acres and the fescue is coming in pretty good. Won’t be long until the clover comes […]

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Starting The Babies

Contrary to the expectations of the public, just because the mama is gentle does not mean the foal comes out wanting human hands all over the body. Let’s face facts here. This is a new horse looking at a new world and every instinct that baby has says “RUN OR YOU’LL BE EATEN!” Granted, the […]

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Barriers and Wishful Thinking

For some reason, human beings love to erect barriers to do one of two things: A. Keep something they fear OUT, and/or B. Keep something they want to keep IN. Now as we look back through history, we see various forms of this pattern happening over and over again. Walled towns and villages–to keep out […]

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Leather Work In The Winter

One of my things to do in the winter is inspect, clean, and oil my tack. In this part of the country, the weather tends to the wet, chilly, nasty variety. I’m not afraid of riding in the rain-I’ve done it sometimes, but doggone it, I greatly prefer riding in WARM rain. This riding thing […]

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