Spring Greenies

My largest section of pastures is nearly exhausted and all six of the horses are starting to show ribs. I do have one smaller pasture that they can’t get to unless I move them over there. It’s about 5 acres and the fescue is coming in pretty good. Won’t be long until the clover comes […]

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Put a woman in charge

There’s a lot that goes on in this old world that went on before-birth, death, marriage, sex, politics-just to name a handful. Some of it we can’t change even if we wanted to. Some we change for a short period of time, and then think better of it and change it back. Unfortunately, there are […]

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Just Stop

Just Stop the Spaying of Wild Mares from Straight from the Horse’s Heart If you want to stop or slow the propogation of the wild horses-castrate the males. It’s safer, easier, and a lot less expensive for everybody. Just who got the hare-brained idea that performing spays on mares was a wonderful idea-I haven’t the foggiest […]

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Feminine Leadership

That’s one of my mares telling one of the geldings to move. In the horse world, it is pretty much all FEMALE leadership. The alpha mare is the one who decides where the herd grazes today, when they move on, where they will stand in the stand to swish flies, when they will go to […]

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Why Are There So Many Stallions?

Now you’ve read on my blog that I’ve got a problem with people who breed their mares and stallions simply because they have a set of registration papers with some famous horse’s name on them (usually four to six generations back-which genetically speaking means that the horse in question has ABSOLUTELY no influence on the […]

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What Horses Can Teach Us-Part Two

Watch a mixed group of horses-mares, foals, and, preferably, stallions. Just watch them. Don’t interfere and stay well back. The myth says that there’s a stallion and he runs the show. The mares do his bidding and he determines where they go and so on. The myth also says that once a stallion gets a […]

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