Stolen Horses–NR 006512 Little Girl, BFC William F Cody

‼️‼️**$2000.00 REWARD‼️‼️‼️ ‼️UPDATE AS OF 7/24/18‼️ It’s been over 2 months & still no signs of our beloved horses. PLEASE continue to share‼️Little Girl should’ve had her foal by now.“‼️ Cody was stolen on May 10th-11th from Luraville/Live Oak FL. 😡 We still have no clue to where he might be, or who stole him. Please continue […]

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Missing Horse–NR 006507 Cody

Incident Details Incident Date: 3/18/2018 Location: Calwell Idaho (Canyon County), ID, 83612, USA ********* borrowed Cody to ride at a sale barn in Caldwell Idaho where she works. I let her take him with the express understanding that she was not to sell him, just give him back when she was done using him. On […]

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NR004909 – SEARCHING MISSING/STOLEN FOR HORSE Summer NR004909 – MISSING HORSE Summer , – KY Click link for full details on website. Gate has been tampered with and Summer is missing from Sadieville, KY pasture. He is a part of the The Kentucky Horse Parkfamily. Please read the info on Summer’s webpage, print the flyer and post […]


Missing Equine NR 005260 Unclassified

SOCIAL MEDIA ALERT: Please copy and paste to your social media. Do not change the information. NetPosse™ – Missing Equine, Civil, NR005260 for ‘Unclassified’ – Lawrenceburg (Anderson County), KY Unclassified was loaned to a family to be used for their children. However, he was given away to someone without Vicki’s consent. She has been looking […]

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