Disaster.NetPosse.com Is Now Online

NP disaster


A new NATIONAL database is now online and available for use by rescue workers, rescue groups, animal control, law enforcement, and owners who are seeking lost animals. This is NOT limited as far as species is concerned. Any species can be listed as either FOUND  or MISSING.

Use of the database is FREE OF CHARGE to any user. The sponsoring organization is Stolen Horse International which is a 501(c)(3) charity.

Donations to that organization to assist them in maintaining this service as well as their normal mission of recovery of stolen and missing animals and education of the public on permanent identification methods, theft prevention, and security measures would be appreciated.

If you have questions about Stolen Horse International as an organization, you are invited to see their page at GreatNonProfits.org which clearly sets out their work, mission, goals, financials, projects, and other pertinent information. They have achieved the Gold Level of transparency.



NR 005272 Sabe

Sabe’s webpageSabe5272

Sabe’s webpage

Why people want to steal horses in the first page is a mystery to me, but BABIES? Come on, folks.

Any way-Sabe is missing-most likely stolen-since searches in her pasture and surrounding area have turned up zilch. Need shares of her webpage (you can share directly from there) and downloading of her flier and putting it up in as many places as possible to do two things: 1. let the public know to look for her, and 2. let the SOB know that we ARE looking for her. (This is important-they don’t like to be looked for. They’re like cockroaches-they don’t like light.)

Any information can be sent to the contacts listed on the webpage. Thanks for participating.

Searching for Malibu


Why this horse is being searched for:

“As a child I never had my own pony, I worked at the stables every weekend and school holidays. Like many I have fantastic memories of my younger years with horses, spending time with that favourite pony…

Mine was Malibu, he was the very best! 12.2hh bay, he was stubborn, hard to catch, and kicked but I loved him with all my heart. I grew carrots in my garden just for him, saved up my pocket money to buy him his own headcollar and numnah, and would always nag mum to take me to see him after school.

I was forced to leave him,after being bullied and humiliated. I remember our last day together I cried and cried into his mane. I told him that this was not good bye and promised we’d be together again.

A year later he was sold! I have been trying to trace him ever since. I wonder every day what has happened to him, and I am determined to find him.

Now I’m an adult and the whole idea seems crazy: 1 in 1 million horses in the UK if he’s even still with us. WHAT’S THE POINT???  BECAUSE IT’S MY DREAM! ”

NetPosse is searching for Malibu to help her realize her dream. If you have information, please forward it to NetPosse or to her at the links on the webpage. Malibu’s web page