Stolen Horses–NR 006512 Little Girl, BFC William F Cody

‼️‼️**$2000.00 REWARD‼️‼️‼️ ‼️UPDATE AS OF 7/24/18‼️ It’s been over 2 months & still no signs of our beloved horses. PLEASE continue to share‼️Little Girl should’ve had her foal by now.“‼️ Cody was stolen on May 10th-11th from Luraville/Live Oak FL. 😡 We still have no clue to where he might be, or who stole him. Please continue […]

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What IS A VIN For Horses?

By Debi Metcalfe What is an equine VIN number? It is simply a microchip for your horse. Stolen Horse International was first in the field of selling microchips online directly to the public, which today Is offered by many companies, some good,  some not so good.  Stolen Horse International started selling the microchips in our […]

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Nevertheless, NetPosse Persisted

When your heart is raw and you can’t decide whether you are more angry than distraught, or maybe you are just so panicked by the whole thing that you can’t even think-all you really want is getting your horse back.  Our volunteers understand that-just about all of them have lost a horse in some fashion. Some of […]

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