Search Continues for Prized Show Horse



By Jacob McGuire, Transcript Staff Writer
August 12, 2017

The owners of a missing prized show horse have requested the help of an organization that specializes in recovering stolen and missing horses.

On Aug. 1, a 15-year-old American saddlebred chestnut gelding named Dreamer escaped from his stall at Feather Creek Farm in east Norman.

“We’re pretty sure he’s still alive,” farm owner Dynah Korhummel said. “He’s a very friendly horse, so no one should worry about getting close to him. If someone does find him, throw a rope over his neck or a halter and try to get him in a small pasture or a place we can get to him.”

Dreamer’s owner Debi Gann said Korhummel went out to feed Dreamer and the other horses around 6 p.m. Korhummel saw that Dreamer’s stall door was open, and he was nowhere to be found.

[We] are very worried about Dreamer and want to bring him back home to Allison,” Gann said.

Gann reached out to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, Lake Thunderbird park rangers, animal welfare, the Norman Fire Department and Stolen Horse International, a nonprofit organization based in North Carolina.

Stolen Horse International began distributing information via its NetPosse Alert — which is similar to an Amber Alert — to hundreds of social media groups and private email contacts in an effort to rally the public to help the family.

“Circulating the flyer for Dreamer as well as the alert nationwide is imperative, as they could be anywhere by now,” Stolen Horse International founder Debi Metcalfe said. “These flyers are one tool that brings home many horses and must be posted in as many public places as possible. And, remember, not everyone has internet access. Please post Dreamer’s flyer in public places as well.”

Anyone with information in regards to Dreamer’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office or Stolen Horse International.

Although Korhummel said Thursday, a reward would be given to whomever found the horse. Who would be funding the reward still has not been decided. However, Stolen Horse International spokesperson Pam Miller said Gann is not offering a reward at this time.  Related to NR 005300


August 24, 2017 Stolen Horse International received word that Dreamer had been located. Unfortunately, the report wasn’t what we’d hoped. His body was at the bottom of an embankment out of easy sight. Thoughts and prayers go to the owners and barn where this wonderful horse lived. We all know they will leave us at some point, but that doesn’t ease the pain when they do. Green grass, shady trees, and cool breezes, Dreamer. You’ll be missed.


NR 000118 Why Not Deal Me Jazz Recovered Horse


NR 000118 Jazz ALERT

Subject: Jazz
Date: Thu, June 17, 2010 7:36 pm

Hello everyone

Good news Jazz is home as of today. He was sold through a horse sale in Cookeville Tn. The people that bought him happened to be looking on craigs list and saw a note a friend of mine posted. Printed his picture from netposse and gave us a call. Thank goodness they were honest. I was so happy to see Jazz he is a little thin but I can take care of that. I want to thank everyone who helped get the info out about Jazz.

I hope I will be able to help someone in the future. Thanks again.

Will try to send new pics of Jazz tomorrow

Rhonda Anders

PS Dont forget when offering a reward to give half to netposse for all of the expenses they accure. We sure dont want them to shut the doors they help find so many and help educate us on how to protect our horses.

NR 000153 Brewski & Jackson Closed Case


NR 000153 Brewski & Jackson

When we send out periodic ALERTS, we never know what kind of information might come back. We do keep trying. Horses live a long time and people move around, sell them, or just forget that we are still watching. There are any number of reasons.

2 horses were taken from Taylor Ranch (Boarding Barn) the morning on June 21, 2010. Brewski was found in Wyoming.  Jackson is still missing. Please help find Jackson!

Report Details: 

#ColdCase #HelpFindJackson #Arizona #StolenHorse #NetPosse™ #BringingHorsesHome

#StolenHorseInternational™ #NeverGiveUp     

6/25/2017 5:35:00 AM

After publishing our cold case alert, we were informed both of Brewski and Jackson were found in August 2010. Brewski went back home to Tucson, the people who were taking care of Jackson after the 2 horse were abandoned by the thief in Wy ended up keeping Jackson. We are so glad this was a happy ending for both horses!


NR 005289 Sunny, Booger, Darlin, Buttercup, Flica, Cagney, & Lacey

NR 005289

NR 005289

NetPosse™ Missing Equines, NR005289 for Sunny, Booger, Darlin, Buttercup, Flica, Cagney & Lacy DOI: July 1, 2017:

For more details:

Missing presumed stolen. Fence was cut. 4 ponies, 2 llama and a mini donkey taken from 1401cr 322 in Rockdale Texas. No questions asked, just want my babies back!

Please help us find them & Bring Them Home!

Please help find Sunny, Booger, Darlin, Buttercup, Flica, Cagney & Lacy by sharing this information to your friends, social media groups, etc.

#Nature #Missing #Lost #Loose #Horse #EveryShareHelps #NetPosse™ #StolenHorseInternational™ #BringingHorsesHome™ #NeverGiveUp #Texas

It’s Not About The Money


It’s Not About the Money

I’ve mentioned before here that I volunteer for this organization. I can truthfully say this article is absolutely true-it isn’t about the money.  For one thing-none of us are paid.

I probably put in 20-30 hours each week on this. Why? Because if my horses were missing, I would want to know that somebody cared enough to be doing what I do. Now what I do isn’t the ‘oooo, isn’t she wonderful? I want to be just like her!’ stuff. Far from it. I answer emails (yeah, isn’t that exciting?), look for places that we can ask if we can come in to speak to their members or at their events (and hope we can get them to at least partially pay the bill for getting there and back), write articles to put on our web site, look for funders that will consider us for funding (which is really tough because we have to fit their criteria of what they want to fund-and we are a star-shaped peg for round and square holes), conduct fundraisers such as selling T-shirts, send out ALERT messages to our network and targeted emails, research various projects, monitor volunteer activities, and various and sundry other things. Like I said-nothing anybody would want to emulate, but every bit of it necessary to keeping the place going.

I’m not the only one-not by a long shot. We have a team of volunteers who do nothing but scour the auctions every day for horses in our database. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and, frankly, I can’t do it. It breaks my heart. But they do it. Every so often, they hit pay dirt-and we send another horse home. Sometimes the horse has only been gone a week or so, but sometimes it could have been missing for years. It’s like panning for gold. You just never know.

Others work on updating our databases for auctions, Quarantines, transporters, and just good contacts to know about. You’ll never know their names or see their faces, and they don’t get paid. But their work pays off when we are moving fast after a missing horse.

Our report managers deal directly with the clients and law enforcement. They take the heat-the anger, fear, frustration, denial, accusations of  cruelty, and so on-and they keep on going. They are lied to and about regularly. Yet they persist and yet, when the horses are located, they are ignored and forgotten without a word of gratitude. It makes you wonder about the human race. It really does.

All of us ‘bust our butts’ constantly to locate horses. We cannot promise miracles. Yes, some of the work is dependent on what the owner does or doesn’t do-there are only a few of us and we cannot be everywhere. But we do everything we possibly can and we keep doing it.

Is it really too much to ask for a Thank You and support?


NR 005272 Sabe

Sabe’s webpageSabe5272

Sabe’s webpage

Why people want to steal horses in the first page is a mystery to me, but BABIES? Come on, folks.

Any way-Sabe is missing-most likely stolen-since searches in her pasture and surrounding area have turned up zilch. Need shares of her webpage (you can share directly from there) and downloading of her flier and putting it up in as many places as possible to do two things: 1. let the public know to look for her, and 2. let the SOB know that we ARE looking for her. (This is important-they don’t like to be looked for. They’re like cockroaches-they don’t like light.)

Any information can be sent to the contacts listed on the webpage. Thanks for participating.