Starting The Babies

Contrary to the expectations of the public, just because the mama is gentle does not mean the foal comes out wanting human hands all over the body. Let’s face facts here. This is a new horse looking at a new world and every instinct that baby has says “RUN OR YOU’LL BE EATEN!” Granted, the […]

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Sexual Assault-What Does It Mean?

So why I am writing about this on a blog ostensibly about horses? Well, because sexual assault is about two things-and it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the gender of the individual doing the assault and/or battery (they are different and I’ll explain) and the intended victim’s gender or even species. Yes-I said species […]

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What IS Competitive Trail Riding?

First off-it is NOT endurance-while it does involve horses and distance, it is most definitely in no way shape or form linked to endurance. The two sports are like apples and grapefruit-both round, delicious, and good for you, but not the same. Let me explain: Endurance: This is about the HORSE only. It is primarily […]

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Tying That Pony

Now I’ll be honest-as if you’d know if I weren’t-I have no use for a horse that won’t stand tied or a human that caters to one that won’t. “I’ll just have to hold her because she pulls back.” Well, sister (this is almost invariably a female) get your big girl panties on and teach […]

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More Nastiness on the Big Lick Wars

Posted on PANAMA CITY BEACH (FL) – On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, the Panama City “Big Lick” Horse Show Manager Mr. Todd Fisher assaulted a CCABLAC (Citizens Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty) Welfare Advocate Clant M. Seay at the Frank Brown Park by telling him “You Are A Dead Man”. Mr. Seay is […] via […]

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There Be Boogers Out Here

If you’ve been around horses for any appreciable length of time, you’ve dealt with something like this-the unexplainable-known only to the horse-but you’ve still got to cope with it BOOGER leap that they come up with. The height and prior warning can vary tremendously, and what follows can take on many forms-from simply standing and […]

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