Join The $5 Month Club`

Join Stolen Horse Interntional’s $5 A Month Club! If horses are your passion and you would like to help` secure this website into the future and support our many efforts to bring more horses home, then please join the NetPosse Friends $5 A Month Club. We have thousands of victims using the tools on NetPo“` […]

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It’s Not About The Money

It’s Not About the Money I’ve mentioned before here that I volunteer for this organization. I can truthfully say this article is absolutely true-it isn’t about the money.  For one thing-none of us are paid. I probably put in 20-30 hours each week on this. Why? Because if my horses were missing, I would want […]

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Getting Involved

This happened in my home state-not too far from where I live. So not only did I have the usual “oh, no, not another horse theft” reaction, but it was also “not in MY backyard you don’t!” response. Now I’m not being naive or silly. I know there are probably other thefts in the state […]

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Chasing Stolen Horses

This was in my home state practically ‘next door’ to where we live. It seems incredible to most people that someone would steal a horse, but they do-and, in many cases, they get away with it. Why? It doesn’t seem logical at first, but it really is very reasonable when you learn the facts. Horses […]

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Rewards For My Efforts

Okay-I don’t get a paycheck. So why do I spend hours doing this? (My patient spouse asks from time to time the same question.) I happen to be fascinated by it, I’m more than a bit Obsessive Compulsive, and it hits on my lifelong passion-equines. I was forced into retirement, I have an excellent mind, […]

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Why Work For Nothing? It Depends

Lots of people work because they have a ’cause’. I think that’s great-the world needs visionary people-for the most part, and giving of yourself is good for you and good for the rest of humanity. Compassion for your fellow humans and making their lives more bearable is laudable. I’ve done it for some things and […]

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I work with an organization named Stolen Horse International because it is different from the usual “we’re raising funds to save _____ (fill in the blank of the hip number, name, description) of the horse(s), mules(s), or donkey(s)”  in dire distress groups. I can’t go to the sales and auctions because I’d bring all of them home […]

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