Georgia offers help for horses being evacuated from Florida — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Source: womenofageridinghorses Excerpt: Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter Starting Thursday morning GNFA is offering 350 stalls on a first come, first serve basis. No need to call ahead but have a back up plan should the facility reach capacity by the time you arrive. There is on-site camping available for those sheltering a horse at […]

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NR 005301 Missing-Civil FPF Flos Pocolong “Geronimo”


NR 005301 Missing-Civil Geronimo

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NetPosse™ Missing Horse Alert Civil for FPF Floss Pocolong aka Geranimo – Belchertown (Hampshire County), MA: Geranimo was on a free lease, not to be sold but to be returned to his rightful owner. It has become apparent that Geranimo was sold via Facebook under false information December 6, 2016 by the barn owner. The barn owner will not disclose the location of Geranimo, please help us to locate Geranimo by sharing this alert! Geranimo deserves to be home where he belongs and retired he is not 12 he is 21 and his owner would like him home to ensure his safety and be in his forever home! See pictures, full details, contact info and flyer for Geranimo Click here:

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NR 005303 Missing-Civil Dexter


NR 005303 Missing-Civil Dexter

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NetPosse™ Missing Equine, Civil NR005303 “Dexter”
Moorpark (Ventura County), CA DOI: July 9, 2017:

For more details:

Dexter was taken by a horse trainer who at one time was permitted to use him, however, this time he was not authorized to do so. Dexter sustained an injury while under his care. The trainer removed Dexter from veterinary care (against veterinary advice) without the permission of the legal owner. He has refused to release the horse to the legal owner and is not providing the appropriate veterinary care to Dexter.

Please help us locate Dexter and bring him home!

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Equine/Pet Identification (Particularly In Disaster Situations)


I don’t know about you, but just the word ‘disaster’ makes me want to grab my loved ones and run hide. Most people ‘think’ of disaster in terms of hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, tsunamis, mud slides, and so forth. These  are disasters-no question. But there are little disasters as well-but they are still disasters.

For example-you open the front door to get a package from the UPS/FEDEX delivery. From out of nowhere, your precious little puppy goes flying right past both of you-and is just GONE.  You hunt for hours, put up signs around the block, go to the shelters, notify animal control-but nothing. Then a couple of weeks later, you spot a puppy about the right age being walked a few blocks over. Looks the same, but you can’t be sure. How would you know if that was your puppy or not? Puppies love everybody-so reactions aren’t a good clue. Both dogs are solid black. Same gender. This is a real head scratcher.

The answer is a tiny little thing about the size of a grain of rice. It’s called a microchip. microchipEach one is encoded with a unique number-no two has the same number. Ordinally, the thing just sits inside the animal and does absolutely nothing. But when a scanner comes close enough, it responds with a signal giving up that number. The scanner’s screen lights up with the number. If the microchip was properly registerd, the number can be traced to the owner of the animal-YOU.

Now-a good fur parent will ask about problems with these things because of things you read on the internet.

  • No-they do not cause cancer, knots, tumors, or other growths. The material the things are made from encourages the tissues of the body to grow into it-which holds the chip in place. That’s it. Once that happens-it sits.
  • You can place them yourself if you are knowledgeable enough. Otherwise, it is best to have a professional to do the job. There have been instances where the chips have been injected into spots they should never have been.
  • There are specific locations recommended for each species of animal. Getting creative is not recommended-people doing scanning might or might not scan in the area you put the chip. Stay with the recommendations.
  • Stay AWAY from cheap chips. This is another one of those things that you get what you pay for. Cheap chips may have bad signals that fade away entirely, flucuate between lot numbers, give lot numbers that have yet to be made yet, or other problems. They might read fine at first, but a couple of years from now, die and you won’t know it. (Writer is raising hand and waving-This happened to me. I had to have all of my horses re-chipped.)

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NR 005308 Missing/Lost Horse Tiger


NR 005308 Missing/Lost Tiger

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NetPosse™ Missing/Lost Equine, NR005308 “Tiger” aka Princess Tiger Lilly
Ionia (IONIA County), MI DOI: August 12, 2017:

For more details:

While riding through trails in park with friend both horses got spooked, bucked both riders off, horses ran off. Friends horse was found the following morning at the park. Tiger is still missing.

Please help us locate Tiger and bring him home!

Please help find Tiger by sharing this information to your friends, social media groups, etc.

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NR 005296 Missing/Lost Equine Fletch


NR 005296 Missing/Lost Horse Fletch

Incident Details

Incident Date:
Sisters (Deschutes County), OR, 97759, USA
Rider stopped to have lunch on the trail, and when she want to get back on the horse, he escaped and ran away.
Fletch was wearing red tack. US Forest Land near Whispering Pines Horse Camp, 3 Sisters Wilderness Area, Oregon. Last Seen Millican Crater Trail.
APP Flecha de la Estrella
Appaloosa – Paso
13 years
14.3 hands
800 lbs

All Markings
Face: Star
Details: White across forehead with brown markings mottled in.
Leg Markings: Left Front Leg – Sock • Left Rear Leg – Sock • Right Front Leg – Stocking • Right Rear Leg – None •
Other Details: Bay roan with mixed white in tail and body.
Endurance Riding, Trail Riding: Recreational


9/3/2017 4:02:00 PM

Search For Fletch, Lost Horse In Sisters Wilderness Area Continues Despite Wildfire

UPDATE as of 8-29-2017


Domestic equine behavior would suggest that Fletch has had no reason to leave his Oasis. He would not respond to wildfire in the same manner as wildlife. We expect him to be in the unburned areas with no public access at this time.

That said, if he were migrating throughout his range when the fire spread; 1) the fire could have sent him up and over the PCT or, 2) down to the open lakes/meadows to the South. He obviously, would not endanger himself to pass through an active or recent burn area.


There are open trails that can be accessed via Todd Horse Camp and the Green Lakes Trail Head via the Cascade Lakes HWY. Although the Forest Service has left this popular area open for public use between closure areas – we can not in good conscious organize a ride to explore the area. While many lakes and meadows can be reached from Green Lakes, the closures from the Rebel Fire and the Milli Fire would put anyone in that area between two active Fire Closures while riding on open trails.

That said, we have an opportunity to be outreach ambassadors for Fletch and for the Equine Community this upcoming holiday weekend. The Green Lakes Trailhead is one of the most popular hiker access points in the area. With the generally strained relations between hikers, bikers and horses over shared use trails for the past few years, it would be of the upmost importance that anyone wishing to be in that area has a friendly out-going manner, is courteous and has horses with impeccable manners. If you can not suffer fools or ignorance then this ambassador request is not for you.

If you already have personal plans to be in that area – Fletches Poster could be hung at the hiker and horse trail heads along the Cascade Lakes HWY. If you have time to hang out at the trailheads, then interviewing hikers or riders to see if they saw anything out of the ordinary for equine activity, signs of broken tack, or signs of a horse hanging out in a particular unusual area will help establish a southern containment boundary.

REMINDER: A fast moving wildfire can travel through the forest at 4-5.7 miles per hour, and across a grassland at around 14. If a fire column is present that collapses – the fire can accelerate in every direction at much higher speeds. Think of dropping a book in the dust – then think of that as a super-heated column of air.


1) Find ambassadors for the Trailheads along Cascade Lakes HWY.

2) After the Holiday, we will explore additional camera placements utilizing staff properly trained to enter the open areas between the Rebel and Milli Closures.

3) Identify licensed Ham operators for future needs.

4) Find Coordinator for entity contact for Deschutes and surrounding counties. I know many of you have already reached out to Vets, Rescues etc – anywhere an unknown horse could turn up. We need to solidify a list of who, when and where. And circle back with an update and spread the notice web a little wider if needed.

5) Continue to coordinate with our ladies and gentlemen from Forest and Fire.

Thank you all for staying active, caring and in-touch.

From ‘Straight From The Heart’-Happy Labor Day-Remembering the Pit Ponies

We hope you’re all relaxing and spending time with your loved ones on Labor Day. Source: PIT PONIES Excerpts: Since mine shafts were small and had a low ceiling, it made sense to put smaller ponies into play here. At the height of Pit Pony usage in 1913, there were 70,000 working in the […]

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