NHR–WTF Is Wrong With People?


These are the flags of not one but TWO causes that lost BIGLY.

I’m not talking itty, bitty fist fights, but major wars that cost 100’s of thousands of lives in the first and MILLIONS of lives in the second. We are NOT talking ‘heritage’ either, people. That is a freaking red herring. There never WAS a heritage-except in books like Gone With The Wind-which was FICTIONAL. Oh, there was also Uncle Tom’s Cabin-and we were carefully taught that the villian in that piece came from New England so he ‘really wasn’t a Southerner any way’. The implication being that no Southerner plantation owner would EVER treat their slaves so poorly. The hell you say.

There never was that many plantations in the south. People have the idea that they were all over the place. No they weren’t. Very few could AFFORD to have them.  Don’t believe me-go do some research. Maybe 45 in Georgia. Maybe 15-20 in Alabama. The rest of the farming was done by sharecroppers and families-like my great grandfather 5 generations back. They didn’t own slaves-didn’t want to. Picked their own cotton and hauled it to the gin themselves.

Patriarchal societies have-throughout history-done two things really well-go to war because it stimulates their economy mostly in some respect, and beat the living hell out of women and children-always their own, but they’ll pick on the captives from the other side, too, if they can. Lord knows, the Bible is full of it. Abraham took Hagar, the slave girl of Sarah and had a son by her-and the Jews and the Arabs have been fighting ever since. Moses was hidden in the bullrushes by his mama (a slave) and found and adopted by the king’s daughter. When the Israelites starting leaving Egypt, the Egyptians woke up and realized “hey, all the slaves are leaving us!” and went after them. That’s the reason for the drowning of Pharoah’s army in the Red Sea. Slaves running away from their owners.

Jews had their own slaves. Just keep reading-all of the Old Testament is just chock full of this stuff.

Why am I bringing it up? Because back in the early days of this country, that was used to JUSTIFY the owning of  black people as slaves in this country-mostly in the southern states. If you ever saw the musical 1776, the song ‘Molasses to Rum to Slaves’ is all about how the traders ran the ships from the sugar cane fields of the Carribean to New England to Africa with those cargoes.

Nowadays-the same backwards mindset still exists-primarily because people have never taken the time to learn that people with darker skins are just people with darker skins. There are some cultural differences, but there are those between white folks, too. I don’t eat lox and bagels for breakfast-but lots of people in New York City think that’s pretty tasty. They can’t see what I see in grits.

There is absolutely NOTHING that makes anybody’s skin color inherently superior racially to anybody else’s. Or more inferior, for that matter. It’s the way you BEHAVE towards your fellow human beings that determines that-and, for the record, the way those people behaved this weekend in Charlottesville, VA put them on the level of earthworms. Fish bait. Terrorizing people just for the hell of it is unacceptable at every level. Trying to blame their behavior on other people is childish. Driving a car into a crowd? That, folks, is pre-meditated murder and attempted murder with malice. That is a hate crime. Second degree murder my fat fanny.

Wanting law enforcement to treat you and your family like human beings is a reasonable thing. If I were  black, I would be fighting mad about it. It is unjust. For the record, I have had sheriff deputies try deliberately to intimidate me-and, quite frankly, it got every bit of my Scottish heritage working overtime. I was furious. So, yes, I can easily see the why and how these black folks come at cops yelling, screaming, and trying to fight with them. I didn’t, but that incident was a real eyeopener.
Don’t push people like that. You’re asking for that response-and you’re going to get it.

In my mind, these people in charge of our government need to repudiate all connections to the Klan, white nationalists, white supremacists, and Alt-Right groups loudly, strongly, and as a united front. That includes the Executive, Congress, and Supreme Court. These Nazis and fascists must be told that their campaign of fear, violence, and terrorism will not be tolerated, their racial and sexual bigotry is unwelcome, and that we will fight them with law and guns if need be. But  they cannot have our country-EVER.

en nuestra America

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Safety and Being a Spoil Sport-This Lady and I Have A Lot In Common

It’s time for the annual reminder that horses are not dirt bikes.

via Safety and Being a Spoil Sport. — Relaxed & Forward: AnnaBlakeBlog

One of the reasons that I don’t board horses and almost completely refuse to teach is that I am a “Nazi” for safety for both horse and rider and insist on respect for the horses. Breach any of that and you will have some tart, sometimes cutting remarks made in your direction-with no apologies offered. I won’t apologize for caring about safety-yours or the horse’s. When it comes to respecting the horse, while I will demand that the horse respect my space, I will also demand that YOU respect HIS/HERS. There are no ‘stupid’, ‘dumb’, or anything horses. There are, however, inconsiderate, thick, and downright rock-headed people.

So this other writer’s blog sounded rather familar to me. She might even be on the same wavelength.

Sharing a Favorite

I had the pleasure of talking with a young man yesterday. He’s a friend of a friend and came into the office. Let’s call him Gary, OK? Gary has been in the United States for 9 years. Prior to immigrating here, he was an attorney in his home land. He has no intention of being […]

via The immigrant from Jerusalem. — idisagreecompletely

This is a lady that I enjoy reading immensely. I hope you do as well.

SAFE Act: S 1214/ HR 1942


If you don’t know what this means, shame on you.

The S.A.F.E. Act (Senate bill 1214 and its mirror House of Representative bill 1942) is a piece of legislation that has been hung up by bickering and quarreling for a long, long time. It protects horses. It protects horses from being exported outside of our border for the purpose of slaughter. Those trucks that are hauling somewhere around 150,000 horses, ponies, mules, and burros to Mexico and Canada to the slaughter plants would be stopped at the border crossings.

Why are we having trouble getting this passed? Because the American Quarter Horse Association and the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Showing Association among others don’t want it passed. Why? Because the kill pens are where they dump the weanlings, yearlings, two year olds, brood mares past their prime, show horses that aren’t winning anymore, the broken down, and the unsold. If they can’t sell them at auction, they’ll have to feed them. Rut roh.

These folks have massive breeding operations and training barns. If this passes, it is a massive finanical problem for them. They’ve bred (and still have pregnant mares with more to come) too many horses-which means the bottom falls out of the horse market like it when the PMU farms started closing 15-20 years ago.

I’m crying crocodile tears for these people. On the whole, the horses will win. Call, write, or email your people in DC. Tell them to support it. I am.

Mistakes I See People Making–

Don’t want to seem harsh or critical-because this is something that I’ve learned through observation and I feel it is not just tragic, but avoidable-most of the time. Sometimes it isn’t. Life can be like that-it will bite us while we are busy making other plans and I will be the first to tell you that I’ve been bitten more than a few times. I’d just like to same somebody else’s heart-and butt-from the pain.

  • When you buy/lease/loan/give away a horse-for heaven’t sake, write out a Bill of Sale and make two copies-one for each party. I don’t really care if the horse is worth $1 or $100K-take the time to do it.
  • Get somebody else to “witness” both of you signing that paperwork-and they need to sign it as well. Then make a photo of you/them/horse in ONE PHOTO and make sure the photo is automatically dated. (if you don’t know how to do that on your cell phone, either read the manual or go to your provider and they’ll show you.) Send a copy to the other person.
  • Put copies of all documentation-Bills of sale, Coggins, vet records, breed registration, photos, microchip certificate. show records, etc. into at LEAST two places-I recommend a file cabinet AND an online place such as Google Docs, OneDrive, Box, DropBox, or some other electronic archive. If you register with the NIP ™ Registry, you can stash it there.
  • If you are leasing or loaning a horse-go check on the horse. I don’t mean call. I mean go check on the horse. Get your butt out there. People have a lot harder time lying about what happened to your horse face to face.
  • Remember-just because you think the person ‘looks’ trustworthy doesn’t mean that they are. Go check them out, ask for references, check those references-and do not be shy. Your horse’s life could depend on it.  Many, many horses never make it to those ‘good’ homes.
  • Once you sell a horse-you have no way to control what happens. That ‘first right of refusal’ thing is a thing that is touted a lot. It doesn’t work. If somebody wants to turn around and sell your horse to slaughter-there is nothing to stop them. NOTHING. Legally, it is their horse to do what they want to with. How do they get by with it? Very simple-it costs a lot of money and a whole lot of time to bring a lawsuit about a broken contract. In the meantime, your horse is long gone. That’s reality.
  • Waiting and hoping the horse will come home. If your horse is missing-call NetPosse right then. Don’t wait. It takes anywhere from 3-7 days for a horse to go from your pasture to either Canada or Mexico. Much less than that in Florida-they are gone overnight. If you wait-you’re gambling with your horse’s life.

Is this some tough language? Yeah-probably for some folks. I hope it’s a wake up for some.


Why Work For Nothing? It Depends

Lots of people work because they have a ’cause’. I think that’s great-the world needs visionary people-for the most part, and giving of yourself is good for you and good for the rest of humanity. Compassion for your fellow humans and making their lives more bearable is laudable. I’ve done it for some things and it is highly rewarding. For those that can do it and keep it up, I have nothing but admiration. For mere mortals like me, it wears on you. I can pop in/out. Just don’t expect me for the long haul-I can’t take it.

For me, I pick things that nobody else seems to be enthused about. I suppose that makes me as contrary as Bernie Sanders, or maybe a mule (and I don’t consider either to be an insult because I think highly of both). I worked for a while for Legal Aid-they provide free legal assistance for those who cannot afford it for any number of things-disputes with their landlords (you’d be amazed at the way a landlord will treat a tenant who pays on time-it is sickening); employers who will short pay people because they know they have little to no legal recourse (and they have the time sheets to prove the work); single parents needing help getting alimony and/or child support payments garnished (you’d be astounded how many of the non-custodial parents had incomes into high six figures), people who want to pay off bills but don’t have the income to do it, might be considering bankruptcy, but either don’t know how to do that, if they should, or even if it is advisable (you can’t get out of student loans even if you die). It was endlessly fascinating, enjoyable, and frustrating.

As a teenager, I volunteered at an area hospital as a Candystriper (junior Auxiliary). I did that for two years. I delivered mail and flowers, ran some errands for the nurses (they don’t trust much to Candystripers), rocked a few babies, fed some patients when they didn’t have enough CNA’s, pushed quite a few wheelchairs, and some other things. It was enough to make me certain that nursing was not a career choice for me, but healthcare was. Then years later, I stumbled upon a group that did international work of a kind that was unusual-instead of going overseas and doing a bunch of good stuff then leaving (and I’ll elaborate later on why that’s a problem), these people go in and TRAIN THE LOCAL PHYSICIANS AND NURSES how to do stuff, take in the necessary equipment, give them contact phone numbers. With the first way, in third world countries, they frequently don’t trust our medicine-so they won’t take it-at all. Or they’ll take part of what they are given-and either save the rest for later or give it away. Another scenario is they’ll take it all at once. Plus there is no one there to follow up on them. With this method, they have their own physicians and nurses there-who know them , speak their language, and who will miss them if they miss a follow-up appointment and go look for them. It makes a difference. Especially since most of the patients that these people treat are children.

So several years ago when I ran across a lady at a Pat Parelli event in Winston Salem, NC who asked me what would I do if my horse was stolen, she had me. I talked with her a bit, but that was it at the time. Didn’t forget her or the organization though. I’d see an article of hers from time to time-and she made sense. Then I was bored and got on the Yahoo groups-joined a couple of them, and there was an ALERT for a horse that showed up on the HORSESCTR group. Intrigued, I clicked on it and guess who? Same group. So I signed up. Then Yahoo started shutting down the groups-and they started going in different directions-some got their own websites, some went to other services, some did both, and some went to that new thing-Facebook. I sort of let it slide-I was past my hairline in alligators.

Over a decade later, I was on Facebook because it was the only way to stay up with some relatives and “what to my wondering eyes should appear, but” another one of those NetPosse ALERTS. Found the Facebook page, decided to answer a post for a volunteer, and I’ve been progressively doing more for them ever since. I write, research, make phone calls, and work behind the scenes.

Why? Because this is a closely knit organization that works to help the victims-both animal and human-of some emotional devastating events. Some have been stolen outright-a criminal event documented by law enforcement. More frequently, the animal was taken to satisfy a debt, as revenge, sold behind somebody’s back, broken lease or adoption agreement, etc.  Less frequently, the owners are frantically looking for a horse that broke away from a trail ride, jumped a fence, dumped a rider, or was involved in a disaster evacuation. Whatever the reason-the result is an emotional roller coaster. They need help organizing their search. They need somebody with the right contacts. They need people who know how to get it done.

And this organization provides resources far beyond just a Facebook page and some hand holding. There’s a store, articles, testimonials, endorsements, sponsors, resources, services, full database, custom webpages, custom fliers, education, and even a page solely for law enforcement. They also use several social media sites in addition to Facebook and their website. They are impressive.

Besides-I can work from my living room, watch the baseball game, and be in my pj’s. Only thing I miss is a paycheck!