Spring Greenies

My largest section of pastures is nearly exhausted and all six of the horses are starting to show ribs. I do have one smaller pasture that they can’t get to unless I move them over there. It’s about 5 acres and the fescue is coming in pretty good. Won’t be long until the clover comes […]

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Just Stop

Just Stop the Spaying of Wild Mares from Straight from the Horse’s Heart If you want to stop or slow the propogation of the wild horses-castrate the males. It’s safer, easier, and a lot less expensive for everybody. Just who got the hare-brained idea that performing spays on mares was a wonderful idea-I haven’t the foggiest […]

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NR005419 – SEARCHING HORSE HISTORY Heza Dashing Suspect aka ‘Dash’

NR005419 – SEARCHING HORSE HISTORY Heza Dashing Suspect aka ‘Dash’ SOCIAL MEDIA ALERT: Please copy and paste to your social media. Do not change the information. NetPosse™ Searching for Horse History on Heza Dashing Suspect aka “Dash”, Report #NR005419 I recently purchased “Dash” from a lady in Florida. Upon delivery, I found an AQHA tattoo on […]

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Criminal Attacks on Horses

Criminal Attack on a horse-just exactly what does that mean? It means probably what you are afraid that it means-and it is something that the volunteers at Stolen Horse International are, quite frankly, not required to deal with unless they ask to participate. This is very much like working in an Emergency Room, Trauma, or […]

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What IS A VIN For Horses?

By Debi Metcalfe What is an equine VIN number? It is simply a microchip for your horse. Stolen Horse International was first in the field of selling microchips online directly to the public, which today Is offered by many companies, some good,  some not so good.  Stolen Horse International started selling the microchips in our […]

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